Groups says lies by PP CEO Brownlie emphasize the need for an investigation

Olathe, KS – The L.I.F.E. Coalition today submitted over 6,300 signatures of registered voters in Johnson County, Kansas, demanding an investigation into alleged criminal activity that may have taken place at an Overland Park Planned Parenthood office from 2004 through 2007.
The Coalition, which includes Operation Rescue, Concerned Women For America, and Women Influencing the Nation, gathered nearly twice the required number of signatures. By law, the county will have 60 days after the required signatures are submitted to convene the Grand Jury.
Coalition leaders pointed out that Planned Parenthood President and CEO Peter Brownlie has been caught in obvious lies during recent media statements. The unwillingness of Brownlie to tell the truth to the public emphasizes the need for the investigation.
An October 17, 2007, Associated Press story stated, “As for allegations that Planned Parenthood performed illegal late-term abortions, Brownlie said its clinic doesn’t perform any abortions past the 22nd week of pregnancy.”
However, the Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood website states, “Our primary service is providing abortion services from 4 to 23 weeks gestation, based on the patient’s last menstrual period (LMP).”
It further states that the cost for abortions between 22.0 weeks and 23.4 weeks is $2,185.
“If Planned Parenthood isn’t doing abortion past 22 weeks, why do they say they do on their website, and even list the cost for the abortions Brownlie says do not take place?” questioned Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Mr. Brownlie has just been caught lying to the public.”
On October 9, 2007, the Olathe Daily News quoted Brownlie as saying, “It’s sad to have to spend the time and effort that we spend dealing with things like a possible grand jury when we’d much rather that time and effort go to family planning and sex education, which is 95% of what we do.” (Emphasis added.)
But their website states that providing abortion services is Planned Parenthood’s primary service.
“Since they can’t seem to get their stories straight, let’s let a grand jury investigate and determine the truth for themselves,” said Newman.
The petition asks the grand jury to look into seven allegations including the commission of illegal abortions, failing to report suspected child sexual abuse, providing false information, illegal trafficking in fetal tissue, and failure to comply with the 24-hour waiting period and parental consent requirements of Kansas law.