Right now the KS Legislature needs to hear from YOU!
TOPEKA, KS — A Kansas bill that would require clinics that perform abortion to be licensed and regulated passed out of committee yesterday by a 5-3 vote and now is tentatively scheduled to be heard in the full Senate later this week. The bill, HB 2503, would require abortion clinics to be licensed by the state, meet minimum safety requirements, and submit to yearly inspections. Your help is needed to pass this important legislation, to protect women from greedy and unsafe abortion mills. (See below)
Those testifying in support of HB 2503 at the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committe on March 22, included Operation Rescue staff member Cheryl Sullenger, Michele Herzog, representing True Majority: Women Speaking for Women, and Linda Cramer, a woman who endured a horrific abortion experience at the hands of George Tiller. Sullenger presented documentation and photographs of five abortion injuries requiring emergency hospitalization at Tiller?s unregulated late-term abortion mill, Women?s Health Care Services in Wichita, during a 13-month time span. This evidence included information about a 19-year old Texas woman who died from abortion-related complications on January 13, 2005. [Read Sullenger’s testimony in PDF]
Herzog made a compelling case for clinic regulations by testifying of her own experiences with abortion, including her involvement in exposing the death of a Florida woman who died at a filthy abortion mill there. [Read Herzog’s testimony in PDF]

Cramer told of her abortion experience where she was ill-treated when she returned to Tiller’s after experiencing abortion complications.
Operation Rescue is proud of Herzog and Cramer for having the courage to speak out about their tragic experiences to let the public know about the dangerous conditions at abortion clinics. We thank them for working to protect women from these sub-standard and predatory mills.
Unsurprisingly, the advocates for the abortion clinics opposed HB 2503 because it would increase their costs. They seemed much more concerned about their profit margin than protecting women.
Click here to view photos of a filthy Kansas City abortion mill, courtesy of Kansans for Life.
HB 2503 has already been passed in the House by a super majority, which may be needed to override Governor Sebelius promised veto.
Right now the KS Senate needs to hear from you! We have been told that our press conference and lobbying efforts helped turn the tide in the House last week. This bill was voted DOWN in a house committee then passed the following day after our efforts. This means that the legislators are listening to us right now and we need to make our voices heard!
Please contact each member of the Kansas Senate and ask them to vote in favor of HB 2503, the Women?s Health Protection Act that would license and regulate currently UNREGULATED abortion clinics where women are being seriously INJURED and KILLED. This bill could be voted on as soon as THURSDAY, so please send your messages TODAY!