Warning: This video contains profanity and sexually explicit content. We have posted it for the purpose of exposing persecution and abuse.
November 10, 2014 – Christians who pray at Cleveland’s Preterm abortion clinic, the site of a patient death earlier this year, are reporting an uptick in harassment and persecution against them by pro-abortion clinic volunteers. One such dramatic incident was caught on camera, but those viewing it should be forewarned that the video contains obscenities and debased sexual references.
“What is particularly disturbing about the behavior of the abortion supporters in this video isn’t the obscenity-laced language or the interference with attempts to communicate with women. That kind of misbehavior is expected. But it is the vicious manner in which they attack the religious beliefs of the pro-life activists that I found most worrisome,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. “This is not just two sides expressing a difference of opinion on abortion. It is the active abuse of those who hold a belief in Christianity of the kind that would not be tolerated against those who hold beliefs in other religions, such as Islam. The conduct is so flagrant and abusive that it should qualify as a hate crime.”
The offensive behavior seems to have increased after the death of Lakisha Wilson, who avoidably died from complications to a second trimester abortion at Preterm in March, 2014. That death was discovered after Operation Rescue obtained 911 records that noted a patient had died.
The fact that the Ohio Medical Board dropped all complaints against Preterm abortionists Mohamed Rezaee and Lisa Perriera has only served to embolden the supporters of abortion to increase their persecution of peaceful pro-lifers.
Laughing pro-abortion supporter waving placards and wearing t-shirts with blasphemous slogans are shown in the video yelling, “Shut up! Shut up!” while sidewalk counselors try to offer help and information to women entering the troubled facility for abortions.
One man wore t-shirt that read, “Jesus is a C***.”
Some pro-abortion men made gay sexually-suggestive remarks to older men as they prayed the Rosary. Another abortion supporter engaged in efforts to provoke confrontations while wrongly pretending they were being shoved or attacked.
“The difference of demeanor between pro-life and pro-abortion groups is striking. While the pro-lifers prayed and quietly gathered, the pro-abortion side couldn’t stop with the loud, obscene sexual references and attacks on the pro-lifers’ religious beliefs,” said Sullenger. “While the pro-abortion side held signs that called for an end to harassment and bullying, it was clear that they were aggressively engaged in the behaviors they decried. This reveals the truth about who the true harassers are outside abortion facilities, and it isn’t the pro-life activists!”
Pro-life activist Frank Kosmerl reported that on a previous day, the provocation became so great, he feared pro-abortion violence was eminent. He placed two calls to police, but they never arrived. It was later learned that the police contacted the abortion facility and spoke to staff who told them that there was no problem, so the police cancelled the call, leaving pro-life supporters to endure an additional 2 ½ hours of constant verbal abuse.
Police later apologized to Kosmerl for ignoring his calls and indicated that they would change their policies regarding responding to calls from pro-life activists, but only after Kosmerl filed a complaint with Police Internal Affairs.
“For all the tolerance demanded by those who support abortion and gay rights, they appear completely unwilling to extend that some tolerance to anyone else,” said Sullenger. “Certainly, it is inherent to the teachings of Christianity to turn the other cheek, but it is time for this kind of religious persecution to be called out for what it is. It is ugly. It is hateful. It is abusive. It is demeaning. It is behavior that should be soundly condemned by those on both sides of the abortion issue.”
Operation Rescue urges Christians to pray for those who continue to minister at Preterm in the face of abuse and religious persecution, as well as for all pro-life Christians who sacrifice their time to reach out and offer help to women outside abortion facilities across America. When possible, we urge men and women of faith to join them.
[NOTE: Video published Nov. 4, 2014, by Justin Cicchella.]