By Cheryl Sullenger
Greensboro, NC – It is a wonder that anyone can even find A Women’s Choice, a run-down brick abortion business that is located literally in a back alley in Greensboro, North Carolina. But those who do find it should be concerned about patient care standards in light of a recent medical emergency that was documented by local pro-life activists – and covered up by the City of Greensboro.
During a prayer vigil on September 22, 2018, an activist narrated a video he recorded during a medical emergency at A Women’s Choice.
He explained that seven women had come to the abortion facility that day for abortions, but thankfully, three women “chose life” and did not go through with their abortion appointments.
However, just as the group was wrapping up their morning vigil, an ambulance arrived at the scene along with a fire truck and police cruiser.
The video clearly shows a woman on a gurney being wheeled from the abortion facility to an awaiting ambulance. An emergency responder is seen holding what appeared to be an oxygen mask over her face.

“Not sure fully what’s going on, but we have a momma who is hurt, that’s not doing well, that needs your prayers,” the activist said during the video recording that was shared with Operation Rescue.
A open records request was immediately made by Operation Rescue for public 911 information related to the incident. However, Administrator Mark Shepherd and Polly Sizemore, Police Attorney for the City of Greensboro have twice refused to comply citing HIPAA laws that prevent the release of “medical records” since it is Sizemore’s opinion that information within the records might still lead to identification of the person.
However, 911 records are not medical records and according to public records laws, must be released with personal identifying information redacted. Information about the reason public services were used to assist in this medical emergency should be a matter of public record.
“Failing to comply with public records laws by hiding behind a misconstrued interpretation of HIPAA only places more women at risk,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The public – especially women who may be considering an abortion – deserve to know what kind of medical emergencies are occurring at abortion facilities.”
Operation Rescue is still attempting to negotiate the release of the records, but it could be a time-consuming ordeal. Efforts to obtain these records have already spanned two months.
“These people really don’t care about HIPAA or about women who are injured at abortion facilities. They care about keeping abortion mills open – no matter how dangerous they are – and shielding abortion businesses from any negative fall-out when they seriously injure a mother,” said Newman. “Even in a relatively conservative state like North Carolina, political corruption that protects abortion still exists and must be rooted out.”
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