Wichita, KS — Accompanied by the Truth Truck, Operation Rescue conducted Christmas caroling in the neighborhoods of abortion workers Edna Roach, Sara Phares Brown, and Marguerite Reed, all employees of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller. All three women have been involved in botched abortions resulting in the emergency hospitalization of abortion patients, including one death in January.
The first stop was the neighborhood of Edna Roach. As neighbors returned home for the day, nine rescuers sang traditional Christmas hymns near Roach’s residence. It appeared that no one was at home and that Roach’s car had not been moved for several days. The caroling went off without incident, in sharp contrast to a previous visit to the neighborhood when OR staffers were attacked during a prayer walk.
Roach is known for accompanying ambulances to the emergency room when women are injured during abortions.
Next, the carolers spread Christmas cheer to the neighborhood of Sara Phares Brown, the clinic worker who drove Tiller to the Emergency Room the day 19-year old Christin Gilbert died from abortion complications.
Rescuers offered prayers of Brown’s repentance and salvation. “Sara has recently filed for divorce and is probably going through a difficult time in her life,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “We hope she finds the peace that only a true relationship with God can bring.”

The final destination on OR’s Christmas caroling tour was the neighborhood of Marguerite Reed, the abortion worker who placed the evasive 911 call as Christin Gilbert lay dying at Tiller’s abortion mill on January 13, 2005.
As carolers sung, Reed returned home from work and OR President Troy Newman spoke to her of Gilbert’s death and her need for repentance and forgiveness thought Jesus Christ.
One agitated neighbor was clearly not in the holiday spirit, and stood in her front yard yelling at carolers. Police arrived and informed her that the carolers were well within the law. Prayers were offered for Reed’s repentance and salvation.
“The Good News that Christ came to Earth to atone for our sins was clearly heard in these neighborhoods,” said Newman. “We are aware that abortion workers live often troubled lives. We pray that in this season of peace and good will toward men that these women will repent from the sin of child-killing and find true peace through Jesus Christ and good will toward the pre-born they now persecute.”
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