By Cheryl Sullenger

Over the weekend, China announced that it plans to again relax its restrictive population control policy to allow families to have three children. 

“While this may sound like the Chinese Communist Party has seen the light, don’t for a minute think this is a move based on the respect for human life.  China has a notorious history of viewing life in utilitarian terms.  In their eyes, people are valued only to the extent that they serve the state’s interests,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

The announcement came on the heals of the release of China’s census data last month that indicated China suffered its first population decline since record-keeping began in 1949. 

According to the census, there were approximately 12 million babies born in China in 2020 – the lowest on record.  On the other hand, it is estimated that approximately 23 million abortions take place there annually. 


The ever-decreasing birth rate has created a crisis in China, where there are fewer working-age people to support the rapidly expanding retired population.

It all started with the Chinese Communists’ efforts to blunt China’s burgeoning population in 1979, when it first instituted its strict one-child population control policy that was enforced through horrific human rights abuses such as forced abortion, heavy fines, and confinement.

Realizing that the falling birthrate was unsustainable, China instituted a two-child per family policy in 2015.  That policy was again enforced with forced abortion and other abuses. 

But instead of stabilizing China’s population, the two-child policy had the unintended result of further lowering the birth rate

The reasons may lie in the Communist Party’s own efforts to discourage childbearing.  Younger women in China have been conditioned to seek career above family.  Some fear that children will impede their job prospects especially in the growing cities where the majority of the Chinese people now live.

China’s demographic collapse deeply affects China’s economic and geopolitical aspirations.  It is no secret that China’s goal is world domination.  Until now, it has had the luxury of taking a patient and measured approach to achieving that goal.

However, now its population implosion is coming much quicker than predicted, and in order to achieve its goals, China is quickly moving to exert dominance before its demography issues no longer allow it to do so. 

In a major speech given by Xi Jinping in March 2021, China’s President proclaimed, “The strong West and weak East is history … the East is rising, and the West is declining,” adding “the biggest source of chaos in the world nowadays is the United States, … the United States is the biggest threat to our country’s development and security.”

Noted author and China expert Gordon Chang responded to that statement in an interview with Fox News’ Martha McCallum on March 4, 2021:

It sounds like he believes China’s strong, but actually I think he has a closing window of opportunity to achieve historic objectives.  Because he realizes he has a problem with his economy, but he’s – more important – has a problem with demography.  China right now is four times – more than four times more populous as the United States.  By the end of this century, it’s probably going to be less populous than the U.S.  That’s the most dramatic collapse in demography in history, absent war or disease, and if Beijing doesn’t achieve its objectives in five years, it has no hope of catching up or passing us . . . China is extremely hostile against the United States – inherently hostile – in the nature of that regime.

China expert and commentator Li Yanming makes an eye-opening conclusion in an interview with the Epoch Times about the implications the Chinese Communist Party’s apparent population control reversal.

On the other hand, the CCP’s ambition for global expansion and military hegemony is becoming more and more obvious, and it is reverting to Mao Zedong’s line domestically. . . Therefore, it is likely that the CCP will follow Mao’s practice in the early years of its rule and implement a policy of encouraging and even forcing births for full-scale war preparation and global domination.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, who works to halt forced abortion and other human rights abuses in China, issued the following statement warning that abuses will likely continue under the new Three-Child policy:

China’s move from a two-child policy to a three-child policy is nothing to celebrate.  China should abolish all coercive population control.  It is not the business of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to “allow” couples, or single women, to have children of whatever number.

A three-child policy keeps the “womb police” in business.  They will still be tracking women’s fertility and birth, and punishing those who find themselves “illegally pregnant.”… Since the new three-child policy applies to only “couples,” single women will still be forcibly aborted, as will fourth children.  These gross violations of women’s rights and human rights must be stopped, effective immediately.

China’s demographic crisis may be difficult, if not impossible to reverse, as indicated by the failure of the two-child policy.

“The new attempt to stabilize its population is a significant one that signals China’s desperation to the world,” said Newman.  “We wish that China would stop its coercive population control programs altogether because it is the right thing to do, but that change of the heart toward life has not yet taken place in China. What this policy change does tell us is that China is ready to make its move toward political, economic and military dominance while it still can, especially against its primary rival, the United States.”

It is an omen that heralds a dangerous new threat.

Today, it is being widely reported even in the mainstream news, that it is possible that the COVID-19 virus was the result of an effort to create a bioweapon that escaped, either intentionally or accidently, from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  This possibility is considered likely by those in the know, such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In an online interview with Steve Bannon’s Pandemic War Room on March 13, 2021, Gordon Chang made a startling revelation.

This is not the last pathogen to come from Chinese soil, and Xi Jinping now knows he can spread a disease . . . We’ve got to develop deterrents, and the reason is especially important now, Steve, is that China’s working on pathogens that will leave the Chinese alone – the Chinese will be immune to them – but they will sicken everybody else.  So, China’s working on civilization killers.  This could leave China as the only viable society.

Chang’s warning is chilling.  It means that China is taking steps to bolster and protect its own population while posing a clear and present threat to everyone else.

“There can be no doubt that China’s demographic crisis has prompted it to take a more aggressive posture in the world, and especially toward America, which is its greatest roadblock on its march to worldwide dominance,” said Troy Newman.  “In the end, our lives and liberty have never been under a greater threat than they are today, especially with a weak administration that seeks to appease and excuse China’s aggression and human rights abuses while expanding abortion to dangerous demographic levels in our own country.  Our opposition to the pro-abortion policies of the current administration just became more important than ever.”