WASHINGTON, May 19 /Christian Wire Service/ — Attorney, Brian Chavez-Ochoa, who is now representing the mother calls the autopsy performed by the Orange County Medical examiner “…incomplete, inadequate and inconclusive. That is why we seeking a review and a second opinion.”
Mr. Chavez-Ochoa is exploring several legal remedies including a federal lawsuit and potential criminal charges. He is also working with the State of Florida and federal officials.
Workers at the EPOC clinic, in Orlando Florida, refused to call 911 after the mother reported her son was born alive. Baby Rowan was 22 weeks old. The clinic also turned away first responders after a friend called 911 on the mother’s behalf.
National pro-life groups such as the Christian Defense Coalition and Operation Rescue are working closely with Mr. Chavez-Ochoa and Rowan’s mother. They are calling for a criminal investigation and for prosecution under the federal “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.”
[Mr. Chavez-Ochoa is chief counsel for Operation Rescue]