Comments from the artist, John Francis Borra:
For years, abortion advocates have employed the image of a coat hanger in their effort to vilify the pro-life community, blaming it for the violence done to women by illegal abortion. This is hypocrisy in the extreme.
The pro-life advocate, by definition, endeavors to protect all life. Historically, it is the abortion activist who has defied laws in order to end human life. This was true before 1973 and it’s true now. One need only look at those who aid and abet the infamous George Tiller of Wichita, arguably the more accomplished butcher of near- and full-term children in the western hemisphere. Tiller regularly violates Kansas law, but his well-greased minions in government, like Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Stephen Six, among myriad others over the years, have kept him well above the law.
Not only is abortion among the most violent of acts, but it’s often performed on unwilling mothers. And whether it’s permissible under human law, it’s never permissible under the natural moral law. Every abortion is illegal. And a coat hanger by any other name– RU486, vacuum aspirator or saline solution– is still a coat hanger.
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