Operation Rescue will formally ask Nebraska Attorney General for an investigation of Carhart’s dangerous facility and practices.

Bellevue, NE – Former Tiller employee, abortionist LeRoy Carhart, tells the media that he will begin doing late-term abortions in his Bellevue, Nebraska abortion mill, at least temporarily.
“We believe this decision creates a clear and present danger to the public and puts the lives of women at grave risk,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Conditions at Carhart’s run-down abortion mill are gross and appalling. I wouldn’t let my dog be treated in a dump like that. His incompetency has cost at least one mother’s life, and has seriously injured others.”
Operation Rescue has documented Carhart’s participation in a half-dozen abortions that resulted in life-threatening complications that required emergency hospitalization, including the third-trimester death of Christin Gilbert.
Earlier this year, Operation Rescue’s complaints that Carhart was operating his abortion mill, the Abortion and Contraception clinic of Nebraska, illegally and under dangerous conditions prompted the City of Bellevue to temporarily close him down. OR released photos showing Carhart’s abortion business dangerously taking abortion patients while running on only an extension cord and a generator.
Operation Rescue will formally request that the Attorney General of Nebraska launch an investigation into the dangerous conditions and practices at Carhart’s abortion clinic in the interest of public safety.