Research into potential candidates shows that may be harder than it sounds

Topeka, KS – Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, an avid supporter of radical abortion policy, must now appoint a replacement for disgraced Attorney General Paul Morrison, who resigned on Friday amid a growing scandal involving illicit sex and allegations of illegal interference in abortion criminal cases.
But Sebelius’ record of poor judgment regarding political appointments, and a list of possible replacements that are all firmly in the pocket of the abortion cartel casts doubt on whether Sebelius is even capable of leading the state out of the current corruption crisis.
Operation Rescue is adamant that the new Attorney General must not have ties to abortionists or their campaign contributions in order to insure the integrity of ongoing criminal cases and investigations.
“Justice cannot tolerate the appointment of an Attorney General whose puppet-strings are held by the abortionists currently under indictment and criminal investigations. Sebelius has exhibited poor judgment in the past. After all, she personally recruited Morrison. She even recently appointed one of George Tiller’s lawyers to the Kansas Sentencing Commission while a political contribution he made was under investigation by the Ethics Commission,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The next Attorney General must be untainted by the abortion cartel in order to restore public confidence, which has been shattered by the Morrison sex and abortion corruption scandal.”
But finding a Democratic replacement without ties to abortionists may not be so easy. Most of the possible candidates mentioned in the media are heavily tainted with connections to the abortion cartel, especially George R. Tiller of Wichita. Any one of their appointments would only continue suspicions that Democrats are attempting to interfere with abortion prosecutions in order to protect one of their main sources of campaign funding.
Names currently mentioned in the media as being under possible consideration include:

  • Chris Biggs, Kansas Securities Commissioner with a history of receiving $250,000 of Tiller campaign contributions during his failed bid for Attorney General in 2002. $153,000 of campaign cash flowed from abortionist George Tiller’s pocket into the Biggs campaign in the last 10 days of that election, after the final reporting deadline. This last-minute influx of abortion money was virtually unknown to the people of Kansas until the following January in what was considered a deceitful effort to hide Tiller’s influence from voters.
    • Dan Lykins, a Topeka attorney and former treasurer for the Kansas Democratic Party and a myriad of Democratic Political Action Committees. Lykins was considered the architect of a series of complex campaign money transfers designed to confuse and deceive the voters about the origin of huge amounts of campaign cash pumped into the Kansas Democratic Party and pro-abortion political campaigns by abortionist Tiller during the 2004 election cycle.
      • Nola Foulston, Sedgwick County District Attorney and personal friend of Tiller’s. Foulston intervened in December, 2006, when then Attorney General Phill Kline filed 30 criminal charges against Tiller. Foulston had the charges immediately dismissed on questionable jurisdictional grounds. However, Foulston told Operation Rescue on Friday that she is not interested in the AG’s job.
        • U.S. Representative Dennis Moore, a radical supporter of abortion. He earned a 100% Pro-Choice rating by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). His votes have protected Tiller’s ability to recruit late-term abortion customers, especially minors, from all over the United States.
          • Currently Tiller faces 19 criminal charges of illegal late-term abortion and a grand jury that is set to begin a new investigation into additional allegations of criminal conduct beginning January 8, 2008. The 19 charges filed by Morrison’s office are considered weaker charges than the 30 counts filed a year ago by Morrison’s predecessor, Phill Kline.
            Planned Parenthood of Overland Park faces 107 criminal charges filed by Kline, who is now the Johnson County District Attorney. Planned Parenthood is also the subject of a grand jury investigation that began on December 10. However, Morrison claimed his investigation showed Planned Parenthood did not violate the law.
            “Morrison was a major stumbling block to the enforcement state abortion laws. The new Attorney General must be willing to revisit Morrison’s dubious abortion investigation conclusions and enforce the laws they way they were intended,” said Newman.
            The appointment of the new Attorney General will have national implications. Any conviction of Planned Parenthood could result in the termination of over 300 million Federal tax dollars that are responsible for keeping open the doors of the nation’s largest abortion provider. A conviction of Tiller would significantly affect the abortion industry nationwide, since many late-term abortionists take cover under Tiller’s vast political influence.
            “The people being mentioned as possible replacements for Morrison are completely unacceptable and will only compound the appearance of corruption when it comes to abortion politics in Kansas,” said Newman. “The appointment of another abortion crony can only drag the corruption scandal straight into the governor’s office and cause the ethics investigations to broaden. Will Sebelius again put the protection of abortionists above the need to enforce Kansas abortion law? Needless to say, we will be watching this very closely.”
            Please contact Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and insist that she appoint an Attorney General who has no ties to the abortion industry.
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