Wichita, KS — On the 40th memorial of Roe v. Wade a small group of pro-life activists gathered at Operation Rescue’s headquarters for an informal memorial, remembering the past and looking toward the future. During that event, efforts to keep Wichita abortion-free were discussed, including OR’s complaints regarding unpermitted work that is illegally in progress at George Tiller’s old abortion clinic, which one of his former employees is attempting to reopen.
Today we are releasing a 1-minute video commentary, Can a Leopard Change His Spots?”, featuring Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman on the proposed reopening of an abortion clinic in Wichita, and why OR thinks they are already breaking the law.
UPDATE: OR has been notified by city officials that three inspections have taken place at the proposed South Wind Women’s Center. Those inspections found that the parking lot resurfacing does not meet ADA requirements and will have to be redone once they apply for permits. Other work that Burkhart said was already in progress has not yet begun. Burkhart has submitted a site plan for remodeling to the city. In addition, a full-sized incinerator was removed some time ago and city officials are trying to determine exactly when that work was done. Operation Rescue has confirmed that as far back as 2009, the year Tiller’s clinic closed, there have been no permits to have such work done. The Associated Press reported that inspectors found no violations, but our communication with officials obviously say otherwise.
Here are links to coverage of the memorial on KSN News and in the Wichita Eagle.
Newman will be in Washington, DC for the rest of the week participating in Roe events. Click here for a full schedule.
Troy’s audio commentaries can be heard on the Bott Radio Network. You can hear more at OperationRescue.org.