Injured Mothers Pay the Price

By Anne Reed, Senior Policy Advisor

Orange, California — Operation Rescue consistently brings the American public first-hand, investigative reports about life-threatening medical emergencies at abortion clinics. These killing centers are known to pull out every stop to conceal the severity and frequency of these frightening occurrences. 

“Unfortunately, the staff at these facilities withhold information and obscure details during 911 calls concerning the condition of the women they injure,” lamented Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, “putting the women in even more danger. Then, those who survive this neglect and abuse are left to suffer long-term consequences while hard-hearted abortionists profit from their pain.”

Operation Rescue recently secured three alarming 911 audio recordings made from a Planned Parenthood in Orange, California. In one call, the person identified as a “manager” at the facility was so adamant about withholding necessary details from the emergency medical professionals that she scolded the 911 dispatcher for asking too many questions. 

April 5, 2024

On April 5, an employee called 911 saying, “Um, we’re calling ‘cause we need to transfer a patient emergently to the hospital for a complication. She is stable, um, and then, um, we will brief, uh, the paramedics once they arrive.”

The dispatcher responded firmly, “Uh, no, you actually need to tell me, uh, so that I can know what type of equipment to send.”

As the call progressed, the employee was elusive about the patient’s condition, calling it a “pregnancy-related complication.” She also failed to immediately provide information about the patient’s consciousness or age.  

Obviously frustrated, the dispatcher grasped for information: “Is she 10? Is she 20,30 – approximate age?”

Eventually, the caller communicated that the woman was in her 20s and was conscious. No more information was provided. 

May 31, 2024 

The following month, on May 31, another 911 call was made from the facility. The clinic staff apparently did not learn its lesson on the previous call and provoked the 911 dispatcher to anger. Initially the dispatcher sounded quite cheerful as she fulfilled her job responsibilities, assuring the caller that her questions would not delay the paramedics. 

The caller stated, “Hello, my name is Christina. I’m calling from Planned Parenthood at 700 South Tustin. We need to transfer a patient emergently to the hospital for a complication. Right now, she’s stable.” 

Much like the previous call, when the dispatcher asked her exactly what happened, she stated: 

“Um, I don’t have the details, the provider is with her, and the doctor will give a report when you guys get here.”

The dispatcher responded: 

“Okay, we need some more information, so we know the response to send on our end.  Could you check with the doctor and find out the chief complaint, you know, the symptoms that she’s having that she needs to be transported.” 

Christina responded with the same elusive answer as the previous call, “It’s a pregnancy-related procedure. That’s all the information I have for you.”

Becoming exasperated, the dispatcher demanded: “Okay, I’ll need some more information because our response will vary on what’s going on. So, can I speak to the provider or someone that can give us more information?”  

Then Christina referred to her manager who was heard in the background saying, “Tell her she had a surgical abortion, and she needs to be transferred to the hospital now.”  

Christina parroted the answer and the dispatcher asked more questions about the patient’s blood loss, reiterating that the information was needed to determine what plan of action would be put in place by the paramedics. Again, the dispatcher requested that someone be put on the phone that could answer the necessary questions. 

Finally, Christina was informed by someone in the background and communicated that the woman had lost “about over a liter” of blood

Was it 1.1 liter or 1.9 liter, or more? This was critical information and would have had varying degrees of effects. Was the blood loss moderate or life-threatening? This was vital information the dispatcher needed to know as she communicated with the EMS professionals already on their way to the scene. 

The dispatcher asked multiple times how far along the woman was in her pregnancy. Instead of answering that simple question, a second person came to the phone, presumably the caller’s manager, possibly even the abortionist.

She proceeded to complain to the dispatcher for fulfilling her job responsibilities:
“This is not typical for you guys to ask so many questions. That’s why we’re kind of concerned.” (Emphasis added.) 

This Planned Parenthood employee was concerned that she was being asked too many questions about a suffering patient. She was clearly and heartlessly annoyed that clinic staff were being asked to participate in that life-saving process by simply answering questions that would have prepared the paramedics to possibly save the woman’s life.

A second call was made from the facility moments later, apparently by accident. An employee, presumably the manager, could be overheard in the background berating the staff member for providing too much information to the dispatcher. Again, the staff at this facility learned no lessons from its dangerous mishandling of this emergency. 

“The behavior of this clinic staff is horrendous!” said Newman. “This example just makes it clear that these murderers at Planned Parenthood absolutely do not care about women. They never have, and they never will.” 

This report may be republished with inclusion of the following acknowledgement: “This article was originally published by Operation Rescue, a leading pro-life, Christian activist organization dedicated to exposing abortion abuses, demanding enforcement, saving innocent lives, and building an abortion-free America. The author, Anne Reed, is Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.”   

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