Victim’s mother is suing Planned Parenthood for negligent care.

Riverside, CA — Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties is being sued by the mother of Edrica Goode, 21, who died as a result of an abortion on Valentine’s Day.
Goode had presented herself for an abortion at the Planned Parenthood office in Riverside on January 31, 2007, where she received laminaria dilators and gauze packing. Goode then became feverish and disoriented and did not report back to the abortion clinic for the removal of the dilators. Goode’s mother, Aletheia Meloncon, was unaware of the abortion. She described her daughter as having become “mentally unstable.” She took her to a Moreno Valley hospital where, due to a lack of knowledge about the abortion, proper treatment was delayed and she eventually died.
Meloncon insists that the family never received notification from Planned Parenthood that Goode needed to return to the clinic for the removal of the dilators.
“A lost dog gets more attention than my daughter did. This has really torn at my family,” Meloncon told the LA Times.
Meloncon’s attorney, Jack M. Schuler stated, “If it wasn’t for the negligent medical care that Edrica Goode received, she would be alive today.”
Goode’s death is the third known abortion-related death at a California Planned Parenthood in the last four years.
“The abortion cartel can pretend that abortion is safe, but the mounting body count says otherwise, and of course abortion is always fatal for the child,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray that the Riverside Planned Parenthood will close and those responsible for the tragic death of Edrica Goode will be required to pay the full penalty under the law.”
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