Elkton, MD – Operation Rescue has learned that abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, who is accused of ten counts of murder related to illegal late-term abortions on viable babies, was moved yesterday from the Camden County Jail in Camden, New Jersey. He is now in custody at the Cecil County Detention Center in Elkton, Maryland, where he once operated a secret late-term abortion mill.
Brigham waived extradition on January 4, clearing the way for him to be transported to Maryland where he faces five counts of first degree murder, five counts of second degree murder, and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.
Meanwhile in Salt Lake City, Utah, abortionist Nicola Riley, who was charged along with Brigham for murdering viable babies in Elkton, has filed papers asking that the prosecutors and sheriff in Elkton be held in contempt of court for releasing information about her charges. She is also asking that the court documents be unsealed.
“Everyone accused of a crime would like to see their prosecutors held in contempt, but most people are rational enough to know that is unrealistic,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is a sign of utter desperation on her part.”
In a related case, Operation Rescue has obtained recently released documents that show that one of Brigham’s former employees, abortionist Mehrdad Aalai, had his license temporarily suspended over a horrifically botched late-term abortion that nearly killed a patient. The abortion took place at a Brigham-run American Women’s Services abortion clinic in College Park, Maryland. Brigham has never been licensed in Maryland but continues to operate at least three other clinics in that state.
Aalai began an abortion on a 29-year old woman who was 21½ weeks pregnant. He had problems removing the placenta and “other products of conception.” He informed the patient that she should see another doctor to have the placenta removed, then released her. On the way back to her home in Virginia, she stopped at a rest stop because she was bleeding heavily. Her mother discovered her slumped over the toilet with massive amounts of blood everywhere. Paramedics responding to the mother’s 911 call for help rushed her to the hospital where she had emergency surgery and a blood transfusion that saved her ebbing life. Full details of this horrific incident can be read beginning on page 12 of Aalai’s suspension order.
Aalai’s medical license was suspended for 6 months with three months stayed. He was placed on probation for two years. This sentence is offensively inadequate, considering that Aalai has previously had his medical license revoked after a criminal conviction for Medicaid fraud. His license was later restored.
“Back alley abortionists treated women better than Aalai treated this patient. The Maryland Board of Physicians are supposed to protect the public from quacks like Aalai. This is a slap on the wrist and when other women are injured or die at his hands, the MDBP will have to bear some responsibility for it,” said Newman. “Given the documented history of egregious violations, we call on the MDBP to shut down Brigham’s dangerous abortion mills immediately.”
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