Wichita, KS — In a press conference today that dealt with none of the issues involved in the criminal complaint against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, District Attorney Nola Foulston revealed that she had obtained the case’s criminal files from the court and conducted her own investigation into the subject of child sexual abuse reporting.
The 30 charges that were filed against Tiller, then dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, had to do with the commission of 15 illegal late- term abortions and failure to report the reasons for those abortions as required by Kansas law. They had nothing to do with the reporting of child sexual abuse.
Foulston reported that she found no instance where Tiller failed to report suspected child abuse.
“This is a case about apples and the District Attorney is talking about oranges,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Former Attorney General Phill Kline did not file any charges related to the non-reporting of child sexual abuse. While we are gratified that Foulston took the time to make sure that those laws were complied with, we have to wonder about her lack of concern for the actual charges in this case.”
“Ms. Foulston, I have three questions for you,” said Newman. “Have you read the complaint and reviewed the accompanying documents, including the statement submitted by Dr. Ann Kristen Neuhaus? If the allegations in the case are true, would that constitute a violation of Kansas law? If the laws of Kansas have been violated, why won’t you allow a prosecution to go forward? Those are really the pertinent questions that the public needs answered from you.”
Foulston noted that she had obtained the complaint and accompanying files from the court. Included in those files should have been the sworn statement of Dr. Neuhaus who worked at Tiller’s abortion mill and provided the second signature required by law before abortions after 22 weeks can legally be done. Both abortionists must agree that the woman’s condition must be “substantial and irreversible” as to mental or physical impairment in order to meet the narrow exceptions to the Kansas ban on post-viability abortions. Neuhaus is slated to testify against Tiller should the case go to court.
“We are talking about the commission of illegal late-term abortions on viable babies that should have the protection of law — or at least that is what we should be talking about,” said Newman. “But Foulston is instead trying to distract the public’s attention from the true issue at hand and is wasting time discussing an issue that is not relevant to the charges at all,” said Newman.
“This will only serve to confuse people,” he said. “It looks like the cover-up is continuing.”
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