Lincoln, NE – A woman was transported by ambulance to a local hospital last Thursday after having suffered a botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska. The exact nature of the abortion complication is unknown.
The woman was loaded into an ambulance outside Planned Parenthood while pro-lifer Pam McCabe of Lincoln Right to Life snapped photos. The injured woman was transported to Bryan LGH East Medical Center at 10:45 a.m. Abortionist C.J. La Benz followed the ambulance to the hospital.
Because of the medical emergency, four or five of the ten abortion patients that arrived at Planned Parenthood Thursday morning were sent home without abortions. McCabe said that least one additional woman turned away from abortion clinic before the emergency.
Abortionist LaBenz, made national news in 1979, when it was revealed that he had ordered a nurse to abandon a late-term baby weighing 2 pound 9 ounce that was born alive during a saline abortion. The child was placed in a “dirty utility room” to cry unattended where he died two and a half hours later.
LaBenz again made news in 2002, when he was arrested for striking sidewalk counselor Sharon McKee with his vehicle, then stealing her cell phone and $350 as she lay on the ground injured. La Benz’s charges were later reduced to “disturbing the peace.”
In 2006, LaBenz closed his Omaha abortion mill after the property’s new owner asked him to leave. He was unable to find another property manager that would lease to his abortion business. He began working for the Lincoln Planned Parenthood in April, 2008.
“LaBenz is an obvious menace who is a danger to the public,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “We are thankful for the pro-lifers on the scene who had the presence of mind to document the incident. These pictures illustrate the dangerous nature of Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills across the nation, that prey on vulnerable women with tragic results. We are also thankful for the women who did not have abortions due to the medical emergency, and pray they will find other ways to deal with the challenges in their lives, than taking the lives of their innocent children.”
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