Truth Truck fleet leave Kansas and head for the Democratic National Convention to expose Kerry’s abortion politics
johnkerry.jpgBOSTON, MA — In what has been built as a “Drive Across America” Operation Rescue West’s fleet of large billboard vehicles are blazing a path to Boston, the site of the Democratic National Convention.
The billboard-size vehicles trucks are dubbed Truth Trucks by the organization’s president, Troy Newman. The truths they display are enlarged, full-color graphic photos of real aborted children. The truck’s images expose nominee John Kerry and John Edwards as politicians supporting the gruesome act of child-killing.
The Truth Trucks should make a dramatic entry into Boston by Friday evening, and plan to roll thought the streets well into next week.
“John Kerry’s votes have sent millions of babies to their early deaths. Now it is time for America to see the terrible aftermath of Kerry’s abortion politics.”
Troy Newman, President Operation Rescue West
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