Late-term abortionist Harold O. Alexander faces possible license revocation in massive case brought by the Maryland Board of Physicians

Forestville, MD — Abortionist Harold O. Alexander has been charged under the Maryland Medical Practice Act with a number of shocking allegations that could cost him his medical license including “sexual boundary” violations, botched abortions, shoddy or non-existent record keeping, and the illegal prescribing of large amounts of Viagra and other drugs to himself and non-patients.
The Maryland Board of Physicians filed the case against Alexander on January 20, 2012. It is based on numerous complaints against him lodged by patients and hospital staff dating back to 2006. Official documents detailing the numerous allegations against Alexander are available at
“Looking at the Board documents, we see woman after woman who was injured and otherwise victimized by this man. To add insult to injury, their medical records were then conveniently ‘lost’ or destroyed. It has become obvious that Alexander is a menace to the public,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.
According to Board documents, Alexander used the out-dated saline abortion method on “Patient A” in 2006 to abort her second-trimester pregnancy, landing her in the hospital with life-threatening complications. Alexander tried to deny that he ever treated “Patient A” and could not produce her medical records even though “Patient A” produced a $2,000 receipt for the cost of the abortion and prescriptions proving Alexander saw her as a patient.
Other incidents show that Alexander repeatedly violated the standard of care on abortion and obstetrical patients causing major complications, infections, and hospitalization.
The MDBP also alleges that Alexander made inappropriate sexual remarks to patients and crossed sexual boundaries with staff and patients, often hugging them and kissing them on the head. He often made crude references to sex and improperly made “admiring” comments about patient’s breasts and private areas.
Alexander also improperly prescribed himself vast amounts of Viagra and other drugs. He was known to routinely hand out Viagra prescriptions to “guys I’ve known for years,” as he put it, some of which he later claimed he had no memory of ever knowing. He also improperly prescribed other drugs such as Hydrocodone (an addictive pain drug), Wafarin (an anti-clotting drug) and Concerta (a drug meant to treat attention deficit disorder), and Propecia (a drug to treat male pattern baldness) to non-patients for whom he kept no medical records.
“Allegations against Alexander paint the picture of a sex fiend hopped up on Viagra who is also a negligent abortionist with sloppy medical practices and a free attitude about handing out drugs. These traits make up a recipe for disaster for everyone around him,” said Newman. “Alexander needs to be prevented from the practice of medicine in order to protect the public.”
Alexander is the latest in a long list of abortionists who have come under Board discipline in the past several months. Those abortionists include:

  • Romeo Ferrer, who surrendered his medical license under pro-life pressure after being charged by the MDBP in the 2006 botched abortion death of Denise Crowe.
  • George Shepard Jr., 88, had his Maryland license revoked after it was discovered that he was aiding the notorious Steven Chase Brigham in the unlicensed practice of medicine.
  • Brigham’s associate Nicola Riley, whose license was also suspended for her involvement in Brigham’s bi-state late-term abortion scheme and for lying about a felony conviction on her license application. Brigham and Riley were later criminally charged with murder for the deaths of viable babies during late-term abortions in Maryland.
  • LeRoy Carhart was issued a letter of admonishment for misleading statements on his Maryland license application saying he was an emergency room physician even though he has had no hospital affiliation since 1987.
  • In spite of the outrageous and shocking allegations against Alexander, the MDBP has not suspended his medical license and he continues to operate without restriction.
    “We have conducted our own investigations into Alexander’s abortion practices and can only say now that this is not the last we will hear of him,” said Newman. “Stay tuned.”

    Please contact the Maryland Board of Physicians and respectfully request that they immediately suspend Alexander’s medical license for the protection of the public.

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