Bizarre: Late-Term Abortionist Sneaks Down Ladder into Window Well to Enter Abortion Facility

By Cheryl Sullenger

Germantown, MD — As the notorious and aging abortionist LeRoy Carhart cuts back on his late-term abortion schedule at Germantown Reproductive Health Services, a mystery abortionist has been picking up the slack.

This man, who has yet to be identified, was caught recently in a video entering the abortion facility under police escort.

But that’s not the only way he has been seen entering the clinic.

Pro-life activists have seen him climbing down a ladder into the window well at the back of the office and entering through a window. This bizarre and unexplained behavior has been observed particularly on days that he comes in to do the grisly second and third trimester abortions.

Even more disturbing, local pro-life activists have told Operation Rescue that this abortionist does not use the same late-term abortion procedure as Carhart, who employs the Induction Abortion method developed by his former boss, George Tiller, of Wichita, Kansas.

The Induction method involves killing the baby in the womb with a drug called Digoxin, which is injected into the baby’s body. Afterwards, the woman’s labor is induced and she delivers her dead — but intact — child. The process can take 3-4 days.

However, the Window-Well Abortionist is said to use the Dilation and Evacuation method (D&E) on even the third trimester cases. Since he doesn’t use digoxin, this makes the aborted baby remains coveted by laboratories that engage in experimentation on fetal organs and tissues.

GRHS and LeRoy Carhart were investigated by the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, who were suspected of selling aborted baby remains. Could this be what is going on at GRHS today?

Needless to say, this dismembering of third-trimester babies also poses a much greater risk to women since bone fragments from such abortions have been known to cause serious injuries to the mother.

With the Window Well Abortionist’s identity unknown, there is no way to know his competency level with this dangerous procedure or what kind of disciplinary record he has.

Could previous discipline or even trouble with the law be what he is trying to hide?

Anyone who knows the identity of this abortionist is urged to contact Operation Rescue at info.operationrescue @ or call 316-683-6790 anytime and leave a message. Anonymous tips accepted.

Photos and video courtesy of pro-life volunteers who regularly offer help to women outside GRHS.

  • cutterguy

    So this coward baby murderer must make a lot of money doing satan’s bidding. How much of what he is paid is tax money? Does he pay income tax on that money?

  • CrossHugger

    A murderer being escorted by the cops. When they called evil good and good evil..

  • Pam Dunn

    Another killer of babies appears; HITLER would have loved them at his concentration camps.

  • Countrysunrise

    Unless a Woman’s life was in danger, for her to go to a butcher shop such as this, and have goons like this “get rid of” a human being who is actually moving around inside of your body, is beyond comprehension!! Just because you had your night of fun, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it out on your “pleasure mistake.” It is a human being, which will be cut up like chicken parts, and sold to the highest bidder!! Don’t you have a heart?? I saw a comment on line the other day, and that person said it best — Abortion = Capital Punishment on the NOT GUILTY!!!

  • Raquel Salientes

    Don’t donate any money to Germantown police. They should be punished for protecting murderers!

  • G’maSandy

    What is that business about “Black Lives Matter”? Or is he called in only when the mother is White?


    Are there ‘open public records’ available to the public ‘upon request’ on ‘who’ the local police escorted to the abortion mill in this story?

  • socrates

    One abortionist in Dallas in the early 90’s was so proud of his work, he hid under a blanket in the back of a station wagon until he reached the door. Then he would run a gauntlet screen from the parking lot to the door. Even the other abortionists in Dallas were poking fun at him. We got a lot of mileage out of that image.

  • subee7

    Hell is being fired up for him and all the others that do this. Also for the women who allow this to be done to their child. God help them.

  • Josie

    You are so right…

  • Geri

    Abortionists tend to have quirky, weird personalities…which either seems to draw them to performing abortions, or as a result of performing abortions, they develop strange personalities. I don’t know which comes first…but I don’t think most MDs go into the field thinking…”My life long dream is to do abortions.” Most doctors go into their profession thinking, “I want to be a brain surgeon or a heart surgeon….or I want to help children.” etc etc. By the nature of what they do, abortionists have to be removed from reality in certain ways…..don’t you think?

  • Catherine Mammana

    This is for real “Dr. Death.” If they have to hide or enter a building this way, isn’t that an admitting to something awfully shady?

  • Janet Baker

    They are Montgomery County police. Germantown is not incorporated, doesn’t have its own police department.

  • Janet Baker

    There might be, but we don’t know his name to look him up.

  • Pam Wusthoff Malmgren

    In Pensacola, one abortionist used to come in to his butchering place with a ski mask on his face so he couldn’t be identified. So sad. I pray that each and every one will wake up to the reality that a life is so precious just like theirs was and their mother didn’t kill them so why are they doing that to others? Money is an evil motivator. They probably were terrible doctors so they got into the evil practice of killing babies to make a living. God have mercy on their souls.

  • So many heartless, sick in the mind people around…

  • Bennie Payne

    I hadn’t heard that saying before but it is so true. The liberals are against the death penalty for convicted murderers but they won’t even blink an eye for the death penalty for an infant in the mothers wound.

  • The police are only doing what they are told to do. I don’t see how he even needs an escort, though. What a waste.

  • Oh so true! And so hypocritical!