Update: (Nov. 15, 2014) Victory! The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that Judge Black has recused from the Planned Parenthood challenge of an Ohio abortion safety law, citing “public perception” for his decision to step aside. The case has been reassigned. We thank each of you that called or e-mailed the judge’s office. Your voice was heard, and now there is a little more hope that justice will be done. Read the Enquirer story here: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2014/11/15/key-abortion-lawsuit-judge-recuses/19087101/
– Operation Rescue Staff
By Cheryl Sullenger
Cincinnati, Ohio – Federal Court Judge Timothy Black, who formally served on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati, has been appointed to hear a suit brought by that same abortion facility challenging Ohio’s law that requires abortion clinic to maintain hospital transfer agreements.
“We are calling on Judge Black to recuse himself from this case because of his prior involvement as a Planned Parenthood board member and president. It is wrong for him to sit in judgment of a case brought by an organization with which he has been so deeply involved,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Ohio Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati has published a questionnaire completed by Judge Black that was submitted upon his nomination by Pres. Barack Obama to the Federal bench that identifies his involvement with Planned Parenthood. On page three, the questionnaire states that Black served from 1986-1989 as a Director of Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati, which later morphed into Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region. In 1988, Black served as president of the organization’s Board of Directors.
On Monday, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio Region brought suit against Ohio Department of Health Director Richard Hodges and local hospitals challenging a provision of Ohio’s abortion facility licensing law that requires abortion clinics to maintain local hospital transfer agreements.
Planned Parenthood had previously been operating under an exemption to the law in the form of a variance to the hospital transfer agreement provision. However, the Department of Health did not approved its variance renewal application filed in May 2014, that named two doctors with long histories of malpractice and other problems as the physicians responsible to treat Planned Parenthood’s abortion patients that suffered abortion complications requiring hospitalization. The request for variance was amended on July 30 by Planned Parenthood to replace a third physician.
On October 14, 2014, the Department of Health sent Planned Parenthood a letter noting that it did not meet the requirements for licensing under Ohio law and informed the abortion facility of its intent to deny licensure, which would have forced Planned Parenthood to shut down their Cincinnati clinic. This prompted Planned Parenthood to sue.
On Planned Parenthood’s variance application, it listed Cincinnati Obstetrician and Gynecologists David Schwartz and Michael Drasnik.
Schwartz was honored just days ago at a November 1, 2014, Planned Parenthood Gala as its Diamond Award winner. However, Schwartz has a shocking history of numerous negligence and malpractice cases dating back years, documentation of which is available on AbortionDocs.org. Injuries to women listed in the cases included botched delivery that resulted in an emergency hysterectomy to save the patient’s life.
Draznik’s background is even worse. His malpractice cases involve several botched laparoscopic surgeries that perforated other internal organs resulting in life-threatening conditions to his patients. One woman “crashed” as the result of an undetected bowl perforation and nearly died.
Draznik also has a criminal background involving domestic violence and criminal disorderly conduct. Documents substantiating his legal woes are also available at AbortionDocs.org.
“Reading over Schwartz and Draznik’s extensive malpractice and criminal documents, it is obvious that the Ohio Department of Health was exercising good judgment in rejecting Planned Parenthood’s variance request and ordering them to comply with state licensing requirements as written,” said Newman. “This lawsuit is a desperate measure to keep their income cash cow open and aborting, without respect to the health and safety of women they purport to serve, who are left in the lurch should abortion complications arise. This case is just too important to allow a Planned Parenthood crony to sit in judgment. We demand Judge Black’s recusal and urge the appointment of a judge that can rule fairly and without bias.”
Operation Rescue urges the public to contact Judge Black’s office and respectfully leave a message for him through his courtroom deputy demanding his recusal from Planned Parenthood v. Hodges in the interest of justice.
Office of Judge Timothy Black
Courtroom Deputy Mary Rogers
Voice: (513) 564-7640
E-Mail: Mary_Rogers@ohsd.uscourts.gov