By Cheryl Sullenger

Bellevue, NE – As pro-life activists arrived for their shifts this morning at LeRoy Carhart’s notorious Bellevue, Nebraska abortion facility, they were greeted with a surprise.  On the street near the front door of the clinic were painted the words, “Baby Lives Matter, Including Black Babies” in bright pink and blue paint.

Pro-life message painted in the street outside LeRoy Carhart’s abortion business on Bert Murphy Blvd. in Bellevue, Nebraska. The door on the far right is the clinic entrance.

Over the weekend, two activists with Students for Life were arrested in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Washington, D.C. for simply applying pro-life messages to the sidewalk with chalk.

There have been no arrests in Bellevue – so far anyway.

Those who painted the street in front of Carhart’s abortion business remain anonymous, but their message will be the last thing women see before they walk into the facility for abortions.  We pray it touches those ladies’ hearts and helps them make a decision to walk away.


H/T to the Nebraska pro-lifer who sent us the video and photo!