Topeka, KS – Amid growing concerns of an abortion cover up, Attorney General Steve Six modified his demand with the Kansas Supreme Court yesterday and acknowledged that that key evidence in a criminal prosecution against Planned Parenthood should remain in the possession of a District Court judge for now.
Six had sued Judge Richard Anderson in a secret mandamus action before the Kansas Supreme Court, asking that the evidence against Planned Parenthood be removed from Anderson and given to him so that he could return it to the Overland Park abortion clinic, effectively preventing it from being used in an ongoing criminal prosecution of the abortion giant.
Operation Rescue has decried Six’s efforts to keep important evidence out of the hands of prosecutors as blatant obstruction of justice. “Six has been acting like he is on Planned Parenthood’s payroll. His actions have been grossly inappropriate for a state’s ‘Top Cop.,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman,
District Attorney Phill Kline promised yesterday to ask the state’s High Court to lift the gag order placed on Judge Richard Anderson at Six’s request in order to allow Anderson to testify that records in his possession show evidence that Planned Parenthood committed crimes and “manufactured” evidence to cover it up.
Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline based many of his 107 criminal charges on evidence in Anderson’s possession.
Operation Rescue was the first to release recently unsealed documents in Six’s secret suit against Anderson that revealed the Attorney General’s efforts to deny Kline key evidence in his prosecution of Planned Parenthood.
“The records show overt actions taken by Six in direct response to Kline’s prosecution that were designed to make sure incriminating evidence against Planned Parenthood was never used against them in court. When Six’s efforts to deny evidence to Kline were finally exposed, Six had no choice but to backtrack,” said Newman. “His pleadings made him look guilty as sin in an obvious abortion cover up.”
“Six got caught with his proverbial pants down, and now is trying to backtrack. The people of Kansas should be outraged about this now exposed effort to subvert justice,” said Newman. “Gov. Sebelius showed a lack of judgment in appointing Six to the office of Attorney General. In light of the recent revelations of his secret efforts to obstruct justice, one can only conclude that neither are fit to serve.”