Two new articles reveal more information about impending arrests and appalling problems at the Miami area abortion business.
Hialeah, FL — Since Operation Rescue published the story “New Details Emerge In Shocking Case of ‘Aborted’ Baby Born Alive” on October 23, 2006, two more stories about this case have appeared in the press, both quoting Operation Rescue sources.
The first story, published in the Miami New Times, is an in-depth exposé revealing shoddy conditions, and even shoddier treatment of women, who flock to the dangerous Miami area abortion mills run by Belkis Gonzalez and Siomara Senises, who were involved in the death of the baby girl said to have been born alive at one of their mills in July. This is a long article, but gives excellent insight into the way these trashy abortion “chop shops” operate in a sleazy environment outside the law.
The second story, published by WorldNetDaily, indicates that the Hialeah police are very motivated to see charges filed in the case of the born-alive baby girl, who was allegedly killed and tossed on a roof to avoid detection by authorities. A determination of what, if any charges, will be filed in the little girl’s death will be made in the next few weeks.
Please pray with Operation Rescue for charges to be filed with all haste against those responsible for the death of the baby girl in Hialeah. The sooner these people are off the streets, the safer women and their babies will be. Also pray that this story will continue to garner media attention so that other jurisdictions will be prompted to begin investigations of their local abortion mills, and so women can be warned of the “unseemly” realities and devestating possible consequences of abortion, and save the lives of their babies.
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New Details Emerge In Shocking Case of ‘Aborted’ Baby Born Alive
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