By Anne Reed

Police in Amherst, New York, arrested a woman who vandalized CompassCare, a professional medical office with staff dedicated to serving women facing unplanned pregnancies.  

This trusted pregnancy services clinic has been the victim of two attacks since the leaked Dobbs opinion last June: a firebombing on June 7 and an act of vandalism on March 17.

On March 25, a woman was arrested for criminal mischief related to the March 17 vandalism incident. The 39-year-old Hannah Kamke faces a mandatory sentence of 1-5 years if convicted of the criminal mischief Class E felony.  

Compasscare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden, has publicly congratulated the Amherst Police Department for making this arrest. However, according to Harden, the FBI had far more evidence in the earlier firebombing incident and failed to employ the same forensic power to make an arrest in the more serious of the two attacks.

Because both incidents fit the definition of a FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act violation, Harden is considering the possibility of pressing civil charges against Kamke as well.  

Though the Department of Justice website states that the FACE act includes pregnancy centers, little to no evidence is seen to confirm that assertion. Since the Dobbs leak, at least 81 attacks have been perpetrated against pregnancy resource centers. The FBI has, instead, focused on pro-lifers and made countless arrests of peaceful protestors, threatening them with long prison sentences.

Harden considers the FACE Act unconstitutional on its face, yet he expects it to be enforced equally until it is repealed.

Harden has made generous efforts to work with authorities. In addition to providing video footage, he contacted the FBI in February alerting the federal agency to “online chatter” that was reminiscent of language seen just before the June attack. His concerns were validated by the vandalism attack the following month.   

Harden has also utilized his own private investigators who believe the attacks are connected to pro-abortion Maoist Antifa. Attacks of this nature have yet to be labeled by the FBI as “domestic terror.”

“Jim is a good friend of Operation Rescue, and we celebrate this victory with him,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We also share in his concerns about the delay in making an arrest in the earlier firebombing attack. We stand with him in demanding justice not only for Compasscare but for all pro-lifers and pregnancy resource centers working so hard to save lives and provide compassionate care to mothers in need.”


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