Unaware.BOSTON, MA — Catholics for a Free Choice have filed a complaint with the IRS over Operation Rescue West’s educational campaign at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this week. The Catholic group, who supports abortion in rebellion to the teachings of the Catholic Church, is asking for ORW’s tax-exempt status to be revoked and for the IRS to “enjoin this organizations [sic] planned political activities in Boston.”
ORW has a fleet of Truth Trucks in Boston emblazoned with graphic images of aborted babies along with the words “Kerry’s Choice” and “Kerry/Edwards: A Bloody Team for a Bloody America.”
“This is just sour grapes on the part of angry dissidents who hypocritically want to silence any message they do not like,” said ORW President Troy Newman. “Part of our mission as a non-profit group is to conduct educational campaigns. People who support Kerry and other ‘pro-choice’ candidates, whether Democrats or Republicans, should know what that ‘choice’ really means. We believe we are in full compliance with the law.”
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