By Anne Reed

Dayton, Ohio — On December 14, 2023, a call was made to 911 from Women’s Med Center of Dayton (WMCD), located in Kettering, an inner suburb of the Dayton metropolitan area in southwest Ohio. 

A nurse from this notorious killing center called to report that a woman was hemorrhaging, or suffering from “excessive bleeding.”  The 911 dispatcher asked essentially nothing to determine the condition of the hemorrhaging woman. Nor did the center’s registered nurse take the initiative to communicate important vital signs that would have indicated to the emergency medical professionals what kind of emergency intervention was needed.  

How much blood had she lost? Was the bleeding under control? Was she experiencing shock symptoms? What was her body temperature? What was her blood pressure? What was her respiratory condition? Did she have a bleeding disorder or was she taking blood thinners that would have increased the risk involved?

Approximately 60,000 Americans die from hemorrhages every year. Proper communication concerning such a patient’s condition is vital. 

The computer-aided dispatch transcript revealed that the hemorrhage was “severe.” 

The staff of WMCD, however, has a long established habit of downplaying life-threatening emergencies, often calling emergency hospital transfers “non-emergent” during 911 calls:  

WMCD performs surgical abortions up to 22 weeks gestation. However, it is not known whether this emergency hemorrhage was related to a surgical abortion or a chemical abortion. Either could be the cause of life-threatening blood loss.

Abortionist Catherine Romanos was reportedly on duty the day of the emergency.
A long list of complications have been documented by the state of Ohio as a result of chemical abortions administered by Romanos. 

Also, this abortion facility has an extensive history of manipulating the legal system to remain open after falling out of regulatory compliance with the state.  

WMCD temporarily closed last week for repairs, reportedly after water pipes were damaged caused by freezing conditions.

“We are grateful that this notorious killing center will not be able to kill babies and injure women while it repairs the damage to the building,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The deaths of countless innocent babies is permanent, and the physical and emotional damage inflicted upon countless mothers over the years is not as easily repaired.

“We invite those women to come forward and share their stories. Of course, we cannot undo what’s been done, but we can work together to facilitate a path toward justice and healing.

“In the meantime, Operation Rescue will utilize every legal mechanism available to close this abortion mill that so callously downplays the serious injuries it inflicts upon vulnerable women.”    

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