Dear Faithful Pro-life Friend,
I know you are a #NeverTrump person. I can tell by your countless social media posts and long debates in response to my own social media postings. And it’s okay; I’m still your friend. But now, it’s time for us all to face reality: The election is over. Donald Trump is the President-Elect. It is time to accept that fact and get back to the work of ending abortion.
I hate to make it sound so simple, but it is just that simple.
What would you being doing if Hillary Clinton had become president? I know you would roll up your sleeves and continue your excellent educational campaigns, your work fighting for Supreme Court Justices and for lawful protection of unborn babies. You would also be looking to build coalitions with other like-minded people to accomplish these important goals.
Coalition-building still needs to be done!
You may have disagreed vehemently with some pro-lifers like me that supported Trump in the general election. It’s okay. God calls us all to forgive. We are still friends. And we are certainly still in this fight together.
We lived through the days of Bill Clinton and the Obama administration. During those terrible 16 years, we were collectively able to close abortion mills and reduce the number of children being murdered – all despite a hostile political environment, lawsuits, jail time, and billions in funding to Planned Parenthood.
As we sit, Mr. Trump has only made promises, but that is a good start! Even if you completely refuse to believe those assurances, now it is time for us to band together and make sure promises turn into reality for the precious children slated to die.
With the new administration, we now have a sliver of hope that our goals that once seemed out of reach can be accomplished, and we must capitalize upon this opportunity granted by the Lord.
Imagine what a united pro-life movement would look like if we banded together. How great it would be if we were able to motivate our new president to institute policies that will close abortion clinics and create a political and social climate where abortion can finally be brought to an end. I’m ready for that!
Imagine a Trump-nominated Attorney General that would finally prosecute the hundreds of abortionists who engaged in the illegal sale of baby body parts for a profit, then lock ‘em up and throw away the key!
In the primaries, we all chose our candidates. But now America has decided. Trump will be our next President. It is time to heal the wounds of the contentious election and press together for victory on behalf of the children.
Victory is never defined by “being right” or saying “I told you so.” In the pro-life movement, victory is defined as ending the child-killing, once and for all.
I have often said that movements are built by addition and multiplication, not division and subtraction. United we stand, divided babies die!
For Life,
Troy Newman