Operation Rescue has joined with other national pro-life leaders, who personally knew Norma McCorvey, in signing an open letter to the FX filmmakers who produced a documentary on Norma’s life called “AKA Jane Roe.”

We maintain that media allegations that Norma McCorvey was paid to lie about being pro-life are completely false. We urge everyone who watches the production to do so with a healthy amount of skepticism in this day of agenda-driven Fake News.

To view Operation Rescue’s original statement on this matter, please click here.

Below is our joint open letter to the FX film makers.


Responding to massive media coverage calling Norma McCorvey’s life into question, people who knew her say the media’s conclusions are taking her life out of context – perhaps on purpose — in advance of the Friday, May 22 airing of the program.

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