Miami, FL – Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck is shaking up Miami as it traverses the streets near venues for the 2010 Super Bowl. This year’s football championship has already been rocked by controversy over abortion.
CBS has agreed to air a television ad from Focus on the Family that will explore Pam Tebow’s story of pressure put on her to abort her now famous son, Tim Tebow, winner of a Heisman Trophy. This decision enraged abortion groups, who have unsuccessfully pressured CBS to withdraw the ad.
“With everyone’s eyes on the Super Bowl and the Tebow ad controversy, this is the perfect time to have our Truth Truck showing the reality of the ‘choice’ that Mrs. Tebow could have made,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Click to listen to Troy Newman’s 1-minute radio commentary about the Tebow Super Bowl ad!
The Truth Truck has been rolling throughout the Miami area for about a month in preparation for the Pro-Bowl and the Super Bowl, which are being held one week apart in the same venue for the first time in 30 years.
“Our Truth Truck was seen last Sunday by the largest crowd ever to attend a Pro-Bowl football game. This Sunday, we have the opportunity to witness to even more people – literally hundreds of thousands – who will be especially curious about our message given the Tebow controversy,” said Newman.
Operation Rescue invites supporters to make a financial gift to help defray the costs of running the Truth Truck fleet in Miami and elsewhere around the nation.
“This is an opportunity to invest in the Truth Truck project and help continue to change the hearts and minds of Americans about the most critical moral issue of our day,” said Newman.
“A donation of just $60 can fill our gas tank and take the message of Life to thousands of people. Over the next few days, we plan to fill that gas tank as many times as we can. Your gift of any amount can make a huge difference!”
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