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By Operation Rescue Staff

As pro-life activists, we depend on our First Amendment rights and the public safety laws of our nation to protect our ability to speak out against the evils of abortion, save babies, and aid pregnant women in need.

That means we also depend on a secure border and a thorough vetting process for those who are entering our country.

Collapsed Southern Border

Right now, the crisis at our Southern Border is endangering women and children like never before.  With the collapse of our border with Mexico, human traffickers are having a field day.

Reports have shown that in the past, an estimated 80 percent of Central American women and girls who attempt to enter the U.S. through the Southern Border are being raped – and with the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing under the current administration, that number could be higher.

Some of these women are undoubtedly ending up at American abortion facilities.

To make matters worse, approximately 80-85 percent of those crossing our border illegally are military aged males who are not being fully vetted – and they are being transported throughout the U.S. for settlement. Between 18- 20 percent are said to have Covid-19.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s policy to make potential immigrants wait in Mexico until their entry could be approved must be reinstated by the current administration, but it remains to be seen whether that ruling will be respected by our current government.

Questionable vetting of Afghan evacuees

To compound this ongoing crisis, America is engaged in the evacuation of Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the current administration has prioritized the evacuation of Afghans over U.S. citizens – and thousands of those Afghans are being brought to the U.S.

It is estimated that 90 percent of evacuees form Afghanistan are military aged males, similar to what we are seeing at our Southern Border.  Some were discovered to be on terrorism watch lists after they were evacuated from Kabul.

These terrorists are known to disrespect and mistreat women, and there have been reports that as they swept through Afghanistan, they murdered many children in their efforts to gain control.

Right now, these Afghans are being brought to Fort Lee in Prince George County, Virginia, Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, and Fort McCoy in Monroe County, Wisconsin, for settlement even as Americans are being turned away from the Kabul airport and have no other way to get out.

We are not against people seeking refuge our nation, but we believe strongly that each immigrant should be fully vetted and enter legally for the security of the American people.  Right now, that is not being done.  Even allowing just a few terrorists to slip into the U.S. through a lax and panicked vetting process endangers all Americans.

Sign the Petition

Elected officials – whether Democrats or Republicans – only tend to act when they know that people are watching them and are willing to hold them accountable.  Since immigrants and evacuees are being moved to areas inside and outside Texas, this matter is of concern to every American in every state. You do not have to be a Texas resident to sign.

We are encouraging everyone who wants our borders secured and our immigrants to enter legally after a thorough vetting process to sign the petition at this link:


This petition was not created by Operation Rescue, but we believe it is necessary to join with other Americans to lift our voices as one. It is not like other petitions.  Your signature consists only of your e-mail address and not your name.  You will not be contacted, except to verify your e-mail address.  Your e-mail address will not be shared except with those who are the subject of the petition.

If we do not speak up now, soon, it may be too late.  We need our country to be a safe and secure place so we can continue to advocate for the unborn, for women, for those who are being trafficked, and for our God-given freedoms.

Let’s let the officials in Texas know we are watching them. We expect them to do their duty or be held accountable by the people if they don’t.

Sign the petition here: PETITION NOW CLOSED.