Women continue to suffer injuries while authorities fail in their duties to protect the public

Wichita, KS – An ambulance arrived at George R. Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic, Women’s Health Care Services this morning at approximately 7:50 AM and transported a woman to Wesley Medical Center.
Eyewitness Dale Weldy, a volunteer for the Kansas Coalition for Life, reported that a woman with an IV was loaded into Sedgwick County ambulance number 30 and transported away from the abortion clinic at approximately 8:05 AM. According to Weldy, the ambulance never used its lights or siren.
Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue was notified and arrived at Wesley Medical Center in time to photograph the same ambulance that Weldy saw leave Tiller’s abortion clinic. In addition, she was able take photos of Tiller’s personal Jeep parked in the emergency room parking lot.
Tiller was joined at the emergency room by his employee, Diane Warren, who noticed Sullenger and called out to her, “You’re dying to know, aren’t you!”
In addition to Tiller, abortionist Susan Robinson, a part-time Tiller employee from Ukiah, California, was on the schedule and may have been involved in the botched abortion. The condition of the abortion patient is unknown.
This was the third emergency transport documented by Operation Rescue in the last five weeks. Patient S. told her horrific story of her near-death botched abortion experience to Operation Rescue from her hospital bed on September 27. Another ambulance was seen at Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill on October 2, 2008.
“Again and again, we have documented case after case of botched abortions that have landed women in the hospital — or worse, as in the case of Christin Gilbert, who died from a botched third-trimester abortion at Tiller’s mill in 2005,” said Sullenger. “We have made our documentation available to the Legislature, the District Attorney, the Attorney General, the Governor, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, and the Wichita Police Department. Yet, he continues to butcher women. The lack of enforcement and oversight of Tiller’s ‘little shop of horrors’ is appalling and continues to endanger the lives of women.”
“I have personally begged the KSBHA for an emergency suspension of Tiller’s license and to close his abortion business before someone else was hurt. Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and now another women has had to pay the price. How many more women have to get hurt before the authorities will step in and stop this?”
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