Operation Rescue calls for the CA Medical Board to investigate dangerous conditions.

Montclair, CA — An ambulance arrived at the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion mill in Montclair, California, at approximately 10:30 AM this morning, and transported an injured woman to a nearby hospital.
Veteran sidewalk counselor Sharon Guengerich was on hand and photographed the incident.
First to arrive was the fire department paramedics, followed shortly by the ambulance. The woman was loaded into the ambulance and taken to Doctors Hospital Medical Center, located next door to the abortion mill.
The extent of the woman’s injuries were unknown.
The abortionist at the Montclair FPA is said to be “Dr. Monet,” but license searches of the California Medical Board showed no current license for such a person even though variations of the spelling were used.
FPA is a chain of abortion mills in California and Illinois owned by the notorious abortionist Edward Allred. Allred once boasted of having personally committed over 500,000 abortions in his career. He is also responsible for the abortion deaths of several women, including a 16-year-old Hispanic girl who bled for five hours during an abortion of her six-month-old preborn baby and died of cardiac arrest.
“Today’s incident is just another example of the shoddy abortion practices that put women at risk that occur with disturbing frequency around the nation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“A woman was seriously injured today, and that raises questions about the safety of all women who go to that facility. We believe the California Medical Board should begin an investigation immediately into what is really going on at the Montclair FPA to determine why women are being critically injured there.”
“We pray that this shoddy abortion mill will soon join the other FPA mills that have closed recently in Cypress, Ventura, Inglewood, Santa Ana, and North Hollywood,” said Newman. “It needs to close before something worse happens, and at these seedy mills, it is not a matter of ‘if” but ‘when.’”
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