Olympia, WA — Rescuer Ed Sauley reports that an ambulance carried a patient of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Olympia, Washington, to a hospital on Friday, May 25.
It is believed that the woman was the victim of a botched abortion. It is unknown if she survived her injuries.
“Alert pro-lifers are exposing more and more cases of serious abortion injury and death,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “These abortion mills are hurting women at an alarming rate, yet they still try to tell people that abortion is safe. It wasn’t safe for that Washington woman last week, and it isn’t safe for the thousands of women across America who are seeking abortions this week. Women need to know the truth that if they walk into an abortion mill, they may not walk out.”
It is difficult to know how many women suffer abortion injuries requiring emergency hospitalization because abortion mills are often hesitant to call ambulances. There have been an estimated 347 known abortion deaths since 1973, but that figure is likely much higher, since abortion deaths are frequently classified under something other than abortion. A listing of known abortion victims is available at online at The Blackmun Wall.
Planned Parenthood is Olympia’s only remaining abortion mill. Sauley told Operation Rescue that two other area abortion mills have closed in the last four years, the most recent as of last March.
Sauley operates one of Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks throughout the Pacific Northwest. He directs a group called “Show the Truth” that tours public places exposing the truth about the human tragedy of abortion.