Emergency transports raise alarms about clinic competency and safety

Riverside, CA – A Planned Parenthood abortion patient was rushed to the hospital by ambulance on Saturday morning, October 3, 2009, according to eyewitnesses who photographed the incident.
This is the third reported emergency transport from a Southern California Planned Parenthood abortion clinic within the past three weeks. Two similar incidents occurred at the Planned Parenthood in Orange, California, on September 16 and 26.
According to pro-life sidewalk counselors, first a fire truck arrived at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Riverside, California, followed by an ambulance with lights on and sirens blaring. Witnesses observed that a female patient was removed from the building on a gurney. She was loaded into the awaiting ambulance, which sped away without the use of lights or sirens.
The woman’s condition is unknown.
“Three medical emergencies in three weeks tells us that these Planned Parenthood abortion mills are experiencing some grave internal problems,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Whatever their problems are, they are placing the lives of women at risk.”
Pro-lifers have seen an increase in suspicious activity at the Riverside abortion clinic. One sidewalk counselor reported that two security guards stood near her with their hands on their guns in an effort to intimidate the women who were peacefully offering practical help and alternatives to abortion-bound women.
Similar accounts of security personnel using intimidation tactics were reported by pro-life activists outside the Planned Parenthood in Orange County.
Meanwhile, sidewalk counselors in Orange have made flyers with photos of the ambulances at the Planned Parenthood and are handing them out to women seeking abortions. The flyers warn women that they could be next.
Since doing this, one activist reported that he was able to turn around one, possibly two women from having abortions for the first time in several weeks.
“We want to encourage pro-lifers as they stand outside their local abortion clinics to be prepared to document incidents by always having a camera,” said Newman. “The pictures taken by alert sidewalk counselors just a few days ago are now saving lives and warning women of the dangers of abortion.”
“We have never seen a safe abortion clinic – only ones that haven’t been caught yet,” said Newman. “We pray that by exposing these abortion injuries and working through the legal system to hold those responsible accountable, that the clinics will ultimately close.”