But We Need Your Help To Do It!
(A special message from Troy Newman)
Dear Friends of Life,

I have never been so excited about anything in my life!
At last we have a sure-fire way to put abortionists out of business—peacefully, legally, and very quickly!
And frankly, I’m surprised we hadn’t come up with this idea a long time ago!
Actually, my staff and I have been working on it for quite a long time—testing it, perfecting it, and proving its effectiveness.
What is it?
Quite simply, it’s a way to turn the abortion industry against itself—and use their “dirty little secrets” to literally force them out of business in no time!
Let me explain…
Ever since we at Operation Rescue started investigating abortionists for the crimes they commit on a regular basis, we’ve been able to achieve victory over no less than 30 of these scandalous baby-killers.
What kind of “victory”?
It comes in many forms, actually.
In some cases, we’ve had their medical licenses revoked—so they can no longer kill babies or harm women.
In other cases, criminal charges and/or malpractice lawsuits were filed.
Many times, the abortionists have gone to prison for their crimes.
Other times, they simply close their killing centers and quit their dirty business for good.
But in every case, the net result is the same…

We Get Them To

Why, in one case, we even purchased the building that housed an abortion mill—and then kicked the baby-killers out on their ear!
That building is now Operation Rescue’s National Headquarters—after we had it purged of any demons and blessed by clergy, of course.
My point is, we’ve been very successful in stopping abortionists and putting them out of business.
And we do it peacefully, legally, and very swiftly.
The key is finding out what crimes are being committed inside the abortion mills… and then getting the abortionists prosecuted for those crimes.

The most recent success we have reported on was the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell of Pennsylvania, who recently had his medical license suspended…
After A Woman Died In His Abortion Mill!

Authorities investigated the death and found the most horrible (and illegal) conditions imaginable inside the killing center.
For instance, not only was Gosnell’s place dirty and bloody, but the police and federal agents also found dozens of frozen fetuses—dating back as far as 30 years—which were apparently late-term abortions, and therefore ILLEGAL.
What’s more, aborted baby parts were displayed in jars—right there in the office. Unlicensed workers were illegally giving pain-killers to patients. And the police even found blood on the floor!
Gosnell has been in trouble with the law before. He’s also killed a woman during an abortion before. And in one case, a woman almost died after her abortion because Gosnell left an arm and a leg inside her uterus!!!
This guy is a real scumbag. But he’s not the “exception”—he’s the rule when it comes to abortionists and their abortion mills these days.
They’re filthy… they practice illegally… and they’re a clear and present danger to the women who come to them for abortions.
Fortunately, Gosnell will probably be going to prison.
The DEA doesn’t look too kindly upon illegal pain-killers being illegally administered to patients. (The woman who recently died at Gosnell’s mill was found to have an extreme overdose of pain-killers that were given to her by one of Gosnell’s unqualified workers during the abortion.)
Gosnell’s killing center is no better than a back alley abortion mill, and in fact may be worse. Collecting the remains of dead babies over a 30-year time frame is reminiscent of the actions of deranged serial killers who keep body parts as trophies. It doesn’t get much sicker than that.
But until something really bad happens, the authorities tend to look the other way when it comes to abortion mills.

I tell you… if abortion clinics were inspected half as often as the local McDonald’s Restaurant, there would be no abortion mills left in the U.S.

It really is that bad.
And that’s the purpose of our new project, which I’ll explain in detail shortly.

First, let me tell you about another recent success. It involved a woman named Bertha Bugarin—an unlicensed abortionist with NO MEDICAL TRAINING who ran a large chain of abortion mills throughout Southern California.
She routinely performed abortions even though she was NOT a doctor!
Due to our investigation, we compiled a massive amount of evidence against Ms. Bugarin and presented it to the proper law enforcement agencies.
They conducted their own official investigations, and sure enough… they filed criminal charges against her… put her on trial… convicted her… and sentenced her to SEVEN YEARS in state prison!
Which is where she sits to this day.
Oh, and her 10 abortion mills?


Her previous boss—the infamous late-term abortionist Nicholas Braemer—also lost his medical license due to our efforts.
Similarly, we were only about two months away from getting George Tiller’s medical license revoked. There was no need for his death.
In fact, there’s no need for any violence in this fight.
We’re here to STOP the violence—especially the violence inside the abortion mills.
And we can do itpeacefully, legally, and swiftly!
All we have to do is promote the bold new plan that I’m writing to you about today…
Putting Abortionists Out of Business
The Easy Way!

So far I’ve told you how we conduct our own investigations of abortionists and the crimes they commit behind the closed, guarded doors of their killing centers.
Oftentimes these crimes are violations of state medical laws. Other times they’re health code violations—such as using dirty surgical instruments (e.g., with dried blood on them—which is quite common).
In other cases, the abortionists will do serious harm to a woman, such as puncturing her uterus or tearing part of it out… leaving parts of the baby’s body inside her… causing dangerous blood infections… even death.
Again, the list of carelessness and negligence among these butchers is the rule, not the exception.

And then there are those abortionists who have been known to sexually abuse, molest, and even rape the women who lie helpless on the operating table. We’ve seen quite a few of those scumbags sent to prison, such as Brian Finkel, who got 35 years in prison because of the number of women he molested.
And that’s not to mention all the women who have died as a result of these so-called “safe and legal” abortions. The list of the ones we know of is longer than my arm.
Indeed… it seems like every week we learn of another woman being rushed to the emergency room due to another botched abortion by another negligent abortionist.
The only problem is getting documented information that can incriminate the abortionists.
We’re always on the outside, trying to lookin.
It’s actually not easy to obtain the evidence that gets these butchers charged and convicted.
However, our new plan can change all that…
How? It’s very simple…
By Getting Abortion Workers
To Turn In Their Bosses
For Criminal Violations!

Skeptical? Don’t be.
It already happens more than you’d think—just not enough!
But this bold new plan we’ve created will accelerate the number of times that abortion mill workers come forward and report on the serious violations and sick crimes that take place routinely inside the government-protected abortion mills.
To put it simply, we’re going to entice these folks to turn on each other and turn in the violators.
This, in turn, will allow us to get the evidence we need to put the abortionists out of business—for good.
How will we entice them?
With a simple, straightforward REWARD.

That’s right. We’re going to offer REWARDS for evidence that leads to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of abortionists who are breaking the law and endangering women… killing babies… and who need to be STOPPED!

As you know, law enforcement agencies offer rewards all the time in order to find and arrest serious felons.
There’s even a $50 million reward offered by the U.S. Government right now for anyone who turns in Osama bin Laden!
(By the way, informants who report on illegal activities at their place of work are automatically protected under federal “whistle-blower” statutes. They’re not in any danger.)
Furthermore, private citizens—such as parents of children who’ve been kidnapped, raped, or murdered—oftentimes offer cash rewards in order to find the perpetrators.
So there’s really no reason—legally or ethically—why we can’t do the same in order to put the baby-killers out of business.

That is why we have launched the Abortion Whistleblowers Program.

All we need is the cash for the reward—and the money to implement this innovative project.

And that, as you might have guessed, is where you come in…
You see, in order to sufficiently motivate the abortion mill staffers to turn in their bosses for violations, the reward has to be fairly substantial.
At first we’re going to offer $10,000—cash—for information that leads to the prosecution and conviction of an abortionist.
And let me tell you… there’s plenty to prosecute them on!
The list includes (but is not limited to)…

  • Health / Safety Risks
  • Statutory Rape
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Child Abuse
  • Income Tax Evasion
  • Medicaid Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Physical Assault
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Employment Issues
  • And much, much more.
    As a matter of fact, we have yet to find an abortionist or an abortion mill that totally complies with the law.
    I mean, think about it…
    These people kill little babies for a living! Do you think they’d have scruples about law and order???
    Not a chance.
    We know from our previous investigations that they think they’re above the law—and they do everything they can to get around the law.
    And when they outright break the law, they do everything they can to cover it up—especially when they’ve killed one of their patients!

    Take the case of Dr. Rapin Osathanondh—a Massachusetts abortionist whose negligence resulted in the death of a 22-year-old woman named Laura Hope Smith.
    There were severe complications during the botched abortion, and Laura was having an adverse reaction to the powerful anesthesia. She lost consciousness and needed to be resuscitated immediately.
    However, Osathanondh DIDN’T HAVE any resuscitation equipment in his office—even though it’s required by law!
    Laura died because of that.
    And do you know what that scumbag killer did to avoid getting into trouble?
    He went out right away and bought the required resuscitation equipment… and then back-dated all the paperwork to make it look like he had the equipment all along!!!
    He knew that once the investigation started, he’d be in hot water for not having the equipment necessary to save Laura’s life.
    But someone turned him in—just as we’re talking about here.
    He’s going to trial in Massachusetts in September, and he faces a stiff PRISON SENTENCE for Laura’s death and medical fraud.
    When he goes to prison, please know that you helped put him there because of your support for Operation Rescue!
    And let me tell you… this kind of thing goes on all the time.

    So if we can persuade the abortion mill staffers to come forward with damning evidence of wrongdoing by the abortionists, we can put the baby-killers out of business faster than ever before.

    We compiled an extensive, up-to-date list of all the abortion mills in the United States, and we recently mailed a powerful flyer to every one of them, telling them about our offer—and reminding them that it’s a serious crime for them to cover up a crime!
    We have already received some tips and we expect to be hearing from lots more of the workers very soon.

    So now all we need is the reward money,
    and we’re on our way!

    We’ve let the abortion clinic staffers know that they can make an easy $10,000 if they come forward with evidence of violations.
    We know they’re out there.
    And we know that most abortion mill workers hate their jobs and loathe their bosses.
    But they stay because they need the money—even though they’re just paid minimum wage or slightly higher.
    Offering the $10,000 reward through the Abortion Whistleblowers Program will get them to talk—I guarantee it.
    They know what goes on inside the abortion mills.
    Now we just need to get them to expose the evil.

    Then we’ll be able to shine the light of public scrutiny on the violators, and work with law enforcement to make sure the proper investigations are conducted.

    We have the experience.
    We’ve been doing this now for well over a decade. We know how to go after the abortionists and either put them behind bars, or else put them out of business by getting their licenses revoked.
    You see, we learned long ago that it’s better for the abortionists to go to jail than it is for us to go to jail.

    We’re Not The Criminals—
    THEY Are!

    As you know, Operation Rescue started out as a “protest” group. But now we’ve added another dimension to our work. We’ve transformed into a “watchdog” group where we use our minds—not just our signs.

    Protests are great, and we still use them.
    But an even better use of our time is to put the baby-killers out of business.

    And with this bold, unique new project of offering the reward money for information leading to the prosecution and conviction of abortionists who violate the law, we can go after them like never before!

    Again… all we need is that reward money and operating capital, and we’re on our way.
    And so, to help us amass the tens of thousands of dollars it will take to get this project rolling at full capacity, I need to ask you to dig deep and give more generously than you ever have before.
    I know for a fact that there are good pro-lifers who could write a check for $10,000 right now. (Maybe more.)
    If that’s you, I urge you with all my heart to click here to donate.
    Or perhaps you could give $5,000 or $2,500—which we’ll put together with others who do the same.
    Many reading this plea could give $1,000 or $500.
    I know it’s a sacrifice in these difficult times, but I wouldn’t ask for so much if it weren’t so important.
    Think about it…

    YOU Could Single-Handedly
    Put An Abortionist Out Of Business!

    Wouldn’t that be a wonderful feeling?

    You bet it would.
    I know because I’ve done it myself before many times.
    But this breakthrough project will enable us to shut them down like never before.
    And best of all, it will have a “snowball” effect.

    Once the abortion mill staffers hear of other abortion mill staffers collecting tens of thousands of dollars just for coming forward and doing the right thing, they will be emboldened to do the same.

    We will have the abortion industry on the runand scared out of their minds!
    They won’t know what to do.
    Heck, they’re not even capable of obeying the law!
    Witness the very recent case of Andrew Rutland—a San Diego abortionist and OB/GYN who had his medical license revoked several years ago because he caused the death of a baby during childbirth. He used forceps to deliver the baby, but crushed the baby’s head!
    Well, he recently begged the Medical Board to reinstate his license, which they did—but with the strict stipulation that he had to have another doctor supervising him at all times.
    Not surprisingly, he couldn’t even obey that!
    Because of a pro-life tip, the local media found out that he was killing babies for seven months without a supervising physician—in direct violation of his probation terms.
    They did an exposé to put pressure on him. Meanwhile, in January he killed a woman during a botched backroom abortion at a dirty, ill-equipped acupuncture clinic in Southern California!
    So you see, these scoundrels and scofflaws simply can’t obey the law—and women pay with their lives!

    But because they commit these crimes, we’ll be able to put them out of business so fast, it will make their heads swim.

    All we have to do is offer the reward money to the abortion mill workers, and they’ll come out of the woodwork in swarms.
    I think I’ve made my point.
    Now all we have to do is get the reward money together.
    And again… that’s where you come in.
    Your donation—of ANY amount—will go toward our Abortion Whistleblowers “war chest” and the work it will take to contact all of the abortion mill workers in America, plus conduct our crucial investigations. (Click here to give.)
    We will immediately focus on the most “vulnerable” abortionists—such as one I haven’t told you about yet.

    His name is Martin Haskell and he owns a notorious abortion mill near Dayton, Ohio, known as Women’s Med Center.

    Well, just recently our investigators and our friends at Dayton Right to Life became aware of two incidents where women nearly died at Haskell’s mill.

    In both cases, 911 was called—and emergency units responded to rush the young women to the hospital.
    In the most shocking case, the woman became unconscious and was having seizures while on the operating table—but Haskell’s staff didn’t know what to do about it! Even the anesthesiologist was freaking out!
    The problem is, Haskell does not have “transfer privileges” with ANY of the local hospitals, as is required by state law.
    In fact, several years ago he was given an “exception” to the state law—because he has powerful friends in high places, and the ability to hire the best lawyers.

    He kind of reminds me of George Tiller. In fact, Haskell himself is a late-term abortionist. He even claims to have created the now-illegal “partial birth abortion” procedure known as “Dilation & Evacuation.”

    He’s also admitted that 80% of the late-term abortions he has performed were for strictly “elective” reasons (that is, not medically necessary).
    So in other words, he’s one of the really bad guys.
    And now we have not one but two 911 emergency calls where women’s lives were recently endangered because of Haskell and his negligent staff of baby-killers.

    I guarantee we’ll be filing complaints with the Department of Health—and contacting Haskell’s staff and offering them the Reward Money.

    But only if we have your help in raising it.
    We need at least the first $10,000 to start with—and that means we need to hear from you right away.

    Please click here to donate easily and securely online.

    If you could please send us your largest possible gift—as soon as you can—we can launch this project and strike while the iron is hot.

    We’re hot on the trail of scofflaws like Gosnell, Haskell, Carhart, Rutland, Osathanondh, and many other abortionists too numerous to mention in this letter.

    All we need now is the reward money… and the abortion mill whistleblowers to come forward with information… and we can shut the abortionists down for good!
    So please prayerfully consider how much you can give. Click here to donate now online.
    Again, YOU can help put an abortionist out of business.
    And that’s the best feeling in the world.
    Thank you, and God bless.
    For the Babies,

    Troy Newman
    President, Operation Rescue
    P.S. Yes, YOU can help put an abortionist out of business!
    With our new “Abortion Whistleblowers” Program, we can get abortion mill workers to come forward with damaging evidence of the illegal, unsafe activities that take place all the time in America’s baby-killing centers.
    Your gift will help us accomplish our goal of shutting down every abortion mill in our nation—before God says “Enough Is Enough!”…and withdraws His blessings.
    $10,000 is a small price to pay to save thousands of babies’ lives—which is what happens when one single abortionist goes to prison… loses his license… or shuts down his killing center.
    Won’t you please help make this innovative new project a success?
    We can’t do it without you. Your financial support—and your prayers—are crucial to this project.
    Please click here to make a donation now.
    Please… may I hear from you today?