New abortion injury comes just five weeks after death of woman after abortion

WICHITA, KS — An ambulance carrying a patient of Women?s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller, arrived silently and without fanfare at the Wesley Medical Center Emergency Room at 11:21 AM today, just 5 weeks after one of Tiller’s patients died after a similar trip. Operation Rescue Staffers photographed the scene as emergency workers unloaded a woman completely shrouded in a blanket. The woman’s body was strapped to the gurney at the ankles, hips, and shoulders.
Witnesses detected no movement from the woman nor did they observe the usual IV bags and other medical paraphernalia that is commonly seen attached to women who have been transported to the Emergency Room from WHCS, an unlicensed and unregulated facility classified as a “doctor’s office” where dangerous second and third trimester abortions are performed.
Departing from routine, Tiller employee Edna Roach, driving a minivan registered to Tiller, sped past the Emergency Room parking lot where she normally arrives, and parked instead at the hospital?s main entrance. Roach transported a passenger in the minivan who may have been another Tiller employee, late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who was scheduled for duty at WHCS according to a calendar posted to Tiller’s website. There was no sign of Tiller.
About an hour later, Operation Rescue staffer Adam McArthur, was escorted by two men from the Sedgwick County Emergency Communications Office after Director Diane Gage denied his Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) request for the 911 audio file and CAD transcript.
“We are aware that these are public records,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. “It is against the law to hide these public records and not release them when legal request has been made, as Adam did. These records are not part of any criminal investigation and do not contain the name of the patient. Why risk breaking the law by refusing to release them unless there is something to hide? Operation Rescue will file a civil suit against the county to obtain those records, if necessary. The truth must come out about the numbers of women injured and killed by George Tiller and his cohorts, so that other women do not suffer the same tragic fate.”
“We don’t know if this woman is alive or dead,” said witness Cheryl Sullenger. “Again, for the second time in five weeks, we demand the suspension of Tiller and Carhart?s licenses pending investigation. How many more women must be injured or even die before something is done to safeguard women from the Butchers of Bleckley?”
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