Washington DC — When Senators Arlen Spector, Charles Schumer, and others question Judge Samuel Alito later this week during the Senate Confirmation hearings, make no mistake that his questioning will be about abortion.
Schumer’s opening statements will ask Alito that he must insure that he will not swing “the fulcrum of the court” to the right. He will also ask Alito to give an account for why conservative groups support him while they did not support Harriet Miers, and why his record indicates that his decisions “chart a rightward course.”
“These are all code words for a more basic underlying question. Schumer will really be searching for assurances that Alito will not erode the so-called right to abortion in America,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Other pro-abortion senators are expected to question Alito on such matters as ‘privacy,’ ‘women’s rights,’ and ‘reproductive freedoms’ — all phrases used by the radical abortion lobby as euphemisms for abortion,” said Newman.
“They do not like to mention the ‘a’ word directly, because they know that the majority of Americans are uncomfortable with abortion on demand and that it is a loosing issue for them,” Newman continued.
“We urge Alito to boldly confront the pro-abortion rhetoric with clear and concise answers that indicate his steadfast pro-life position. The court has too long been held hostage by leftist pro-abortion judicial activists. We believe that Alito will be a step in the right direction to resorting judicial sanity to the court and along with it the protections of legal personhood to the pre-born.”