Abortion nurse also suspended after state closed shoddy abortion mill.

Birmingham, AL — Abortionist Deborah Lyn Levich had her license suspended by the State of Alabama in the wake of a botched RU 486 abortion on a nearly full-term baby.
Also suspended was the license of abortion nurse Janet F. Onthank King for giving dangerous medical abortions without a doctor having examined the patients or even being present.
Allegations against abortionist Levich include aborting late term babies without checking for viability in violation of Alabama law, and falsifying medical records. Levich routinely traveled from her home in Marietta, Georgia, to abort babies at the Birmingham mill.
Alabama Attorney General Troy King launched an investigation into Levich’s abortion mill, Summit Medical Center in Birmingham, after an emergency order by health officials closed it on Wednesday.
The Alabama Board of Health released a report on Friday stating they found, “egregious lapses in care, including non-physicians performing abortions, severely underestimating the gestational age of a fetus, failure to appropriately refer or treat a patient with a dangerously elevated blood pressure, and performing an abortion on a late-term pregnancy.”
“We thank God and the State of Alabama for taking meaningful steps to protect the public from this shoddy abortionist,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “All to often states cover up of the crimes of these quacks.”
“We know that unsafe conditions and an arrogant ‘above the law’ attitude are pervasive in the abortion industry, which cares more for the financial profits than for the welfare of the women they exploit,” said Newman. “We pray other states would follow Alabama’s example and launch honest investigations into abortionists and their ‘chop shops’ that are operating outside the law across the country.”
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