Non-Physicians miss-prescribe RU 486 for late-term abortion of 6 lb. 4 oz. baby.

Birmingham, AL – May 19, 2006 The State of Alabama has closed the Summit Medical Center after an investigation into a botched abortion by clinic workers involving the delivery of nearly full term dead baby.
The State Board of Health took six weeks to investigate the incident and suspend the abortion mill’s license. After calling the incident “egregious,” health department agent Dr. Donald Williamson indicated that the clinic might not reopen.
The woman went to the Summit Medical Center on February 20, and was given an ultrasound by a non- physician in violation of Alabama law. She was told that she was six weeks pregnant when in fact she was 8 months along. Non-physicians then administered the abortion pill, RU 486, a drug approved for use only in early pregnancy and is responsible for at least 7 deaths since it hit the US market in late 2000.
Six days later, the woman delivered a six pound, four ounce dead baby at the hospital emergency room.
An investigation into the abortion mill revealed that the patient records were falsified to show that a doctor had administered the ultrasound and medication, even though no doctor was present at the mill that day.

Local pro-life activist Jim Pinto indicated that the Summit Medical Center has a long history of botched abortions. He said, “In my 26 years of Pro-life work in Birmingham, I know of scores of injured women and four who died soon after receiving the services of area abortion clinics. I and many others have tried to, ‘love mother and child both’ and offer every possible resource to promote the protection and sanctity of life.”
Pinto related that one of the Summit abortionists, Dr. Malachy Dehenre, had his license indefinitely suspended after he “perforated the uteruses of three women and caused the death of another.”
“This just goes to show that abortions mills will lie, falsify records, give abortions without doctors, botch abortions, and never think they will ever be held accountable, and unfortunately that is the case in many states,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We thank God the State of Alabama had the integrity to enforce their laws and close this unsafe abortion ‘chop shop.’ It is our prayer that all abortion mills will soon follow suit.”
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