Elkton, MD – Abortionist Steven Chase Brigham was arraigned today in Cecil County, Maryland, on 11-count murder indictment then was released on a $500,000 bond. He was ordered to have “no involvement in any manner in performing abortions” as a condition of his release.
Brigham posted bail this afternoon against $306,240 worth of assets. A bail bondsman posted the remainder of the $500,000 bond.
Details concerning the indictment were also made public. Brigham was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of five viable, healthy preborn babies between July 9 and Aug. 13 of 2010, at what his co-defendant Nicola Riley described as a “secret late-term abortion clinic” in Elkton, Maryland.
Four of the babies were female. The one male baby was identified in the indictment as “Male Fetus Brewer.” That little boy was the son of a patient that suffered the life-threatening botched abortion that first drew attention to Brigham’s illegal bi-state late-term abortion scheme.
Riley has been charged with a 3-count murder indictment and waits a scheduled January 9 hearing in Salt Lake City where she remain held on no bail. She is expected to be extradited to Maryland sometime after the hearing.
Operation Rescue obtained Brigham’s mug shot from the Cecil County Detention Center through an open records request.
“Brigham has a higher body count than Jack the Ripper. Considering Brigham’s penchant for repeated violations of the law, it is disturbing that he is allowed out on bail,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue’s Senior Policy Advisor. “The only way to protect women from being preyed upon by Brigham is to lock him up and throw away the key. Traditional discipline simply has not worked on this man in the past. We look forward to Brigham’s day in court and pray that he will be permanently put behind bars where he belongs.”