Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue has learned that Trust Women PAC, run by Wichita abortion clinic owner Julie Burkhart, has paid $3,000 in fines to the Federal Election Commission for violations of Federal Election Law. This comes at a time when at least three abortionists have quit employment at Burkhart’s South Wind Women’s Center LLC, which now struggles to remain open in the building once owned by George Tiller.
In July, Operation Rescue filed a complaint against Trust Women PAC after its investigation of public filings showed shoddy bookkeeping and improper disbursements to South Wind Women’s Center, a for-profit abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas.
New PAC filings dated October 15, 2013, indicate that Trust Women PAC has paid $3,000 in “fees” to the Federal Election Commission, the same amount it was fined earlier this year for improper filings and failure to file timely reports.
Also noted on the October quarterly filing were five payments to Trust Women PAC from the South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, totaling $8,410.25. The payments were categorized as a “repayment of loan” even though previous filings indicated that no loans were outstanding.
“It seems obvious that only reason South Wind abortion clinic repaid this money to Trust Women PAC was because we caught Burkhart’s PAC improperly funneling money into her failing for-profit abortion business in violation of the law. Now, it appears that Burkhart is trying to rewrite history by calling it a ‘loan’ in order to avoid more fines,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Burkhart has told reporters that the Trust Women PAC has nothing to do with the South Wind abortion clinic, but these documents prove that is simply not true.”
Since Operation Rescue filed a massive 434-page complaint, Trust Women PAC has filed amendments to previous filings that were wrought with errors. Still unaccounted for is over $37,000 of PAC contributions that disappeared without a trace.
Meanwhile, Arizona abortionist Valencia Stephens has quit employment at South Wind abortion clinic, leaving only one abortionist at the facility. Another St. Louis-area abortionist, Allen Palmer, quit after working briefly at South Wind in the wake of Stephen’s departure. A Wichita-area doctor also quit shortly before the new clinic opened in April.
Cheryl Chastine travels to Wichita for two days each week to conduct surgical and medication abortions, even though she had absolutely no abortion experience before starting work at South Wind in April. Chastine was fired from her job at a medical practice in Oak Park, Illinois, in July after members of the Pro-Life Action League protested outside the office in opposition to Chastine’s involvement in abortion.
“Burkhart’s abortion clinic is only staying open with outside money she raises through her non-profit group, but her donors need to realize that by giving to her, they are throwing money down a rat hole,” said Newman. “The South Wind abortion clinic simply doesn’t do enough business to be profitable and businesses that are not profitable are doomed to failure.”
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