By Cheryl Sullenger
Beverly Hills, CA – When women suffer the tragedy of their babies dying in the womb in the second trimester of pregnancy or later, usually they are usually admitted to a hospital and are cared for by their obstetricians.
That’s what makes a September 13, 2018, call to 911 placed by the Pro-Choice Medical so unusual.  The Pro-Choice Medical Center is a late-term abortion clinic – one of a handful that will openly abort babies throughout all none months of pregnancy.  It is operated by abortionist Josefa Seletz, who is sometimes referred to as the “Abortionist to the Stars” due to her upscale clinic located in posh Beverly Hills, California.
The clinic worker seemed to stumble over her words was she attempted to explain the nature of the medical emergency to the 911 dispatcher.
“Uh, we, uh – a patient – uh – procedure for a second trimester pregnancy, which was a fetal demise.  The baby had passed away and she, um, uh – she’s septic.  So, we treated her with antibiotics but we have not been able to . . .” the clinic worker stated as her voice trailed off.
Most of the rest of the call was redacted with a series of electronic beeping sounds.
Sepsis is a life-threatening response to an infection that spreads throughout the entire body.  It can lead to septic shock, which is a medical emergency where the blood pressure drops in a way that can lead to respiratory failure, heart failure, stroke, and death. Septic shock is the most common cause of death in intensive care units in the U.S., according to the website
Given the serious nature of septic shock, it’s no wonder that an ambulance was called for the suffering woman.
The computer-aided dispatch printout related to the incident indicated that the woman was transported Priority 2 by ambulance to an unknown location for emergency medical treatment.  The name of the hospital was redacted.
“If the woman was referred to the abortion clinic by her Obstetrician upon learning the baby in her womb was dead, that would be really out of the ordinary,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “Obstetricians usually like to take care of their own patients who suffer these kinds of tragedies.  It’s hard to imagine a competent and caring obstetrician sending a woman off to an abortion clinic in that situation.”
The way the abortion clinic caller used the phrase “the baby had passed” is also unusual, but it almost seemed like she was trying to clarify the “fetal demise” phrase for the dispatcher.
Abortionists using the Induction Abortion procedure, for which Seletz is trained, commonly cause “fetal demise” by injecting the baby with a drug called digoxin, which stops the baby’s heart, prior to the induction of labor.  The baby is usually born dead but intact.
Sepsis is a known complication to abortions, particularly those involving retention of aborted baby tissue from incomplete abortions or the repeated insertion and removal of laminaria dilators used in second and third trimester abortions.  It has been cited in a number of patient deaths documented by Operation Rescue.
It is unclear whether the woman was referred to Seletz because her baby had already died or if she went to Seletz for a second trimester abortion.  Either is possible.  In any case, her Pro-Choice Medical Clinic was ill-equipped to handle the life-threatening complication.
Ambulances visited Seletz’s abortion clinic five times in 2018, assist with patients suffering serious medical emergencies.  Those incidents took place on April 23, May 16, July 3, July 10, and September 13.
“Seletz’s abortion business is a dangerous one.  Late-term abortions carry many increased risks of life-threatening complications that her office isn’t equipped to handle.  The fact that she will abortion babies up until birth makes it even more dangerous since risk factors increase with each week of pregnancy,” said Newman.  “This barbaric business has no place in a civilized country and should be shut down.”
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