But Tiller’s unsteadiness, and mumbled, slurred speech raises questions of Tiller’s competency

Wichita, KS – Late-term abortionist George R. Tiller finally appeared in court this morning for a small claims case that he had failed to appear for on two previous occasions. The suit was filed by Mark Gietzen, director of the Kansas Coalition for Life, after Tiller rammed him with his jeep, causing injury to Gietzen’s arm and leg, a fact that was undisputed in court.
A criminal complaint had been made at the time of the incident, but the case ended up in small claims court after the District Attorney failed to file charges even though photographic evidence and an eye-witness existed.
Tiller appeared with three attorneys and a personal bodyguard. Two Sheriffs Deputies and at least two bailiffs were in the courtroom at all times. After a hearing that lasted nearly an hour and a half, the case was dismissed when Judge Steven Woodring ruled that the suit had been filed after one-year the statute of limitations had run out.
For “security reasons” the trial was moved from its usual location to the Sedgwick County Courthouse. As Tiller was clearing security, Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue attempted to take photographs of him. Tiller’s attorneys Lee Thompson and Laura Shanneyfelt, attempted to physically block Sullenger from photographing him. At one point Thompson stepped within inches of Sullenger and stuck his briefcase in front of her camera. His aggressive actions caused a scene and drew the attention of courthouse security.
“This case should have been tried as a criminal aggravated assault case, and if anyone other than Tiller had been involved, it would have,” said Sullenger.
“After watching Tiller interact in court this morning, I have to question his competency to continue the practice of medicine, if what he does can be called that. He seemed unsteady at times, and took an uncomfortable amount of time to process questions. His speech was mumbled, slow, and slurred,” said Sullenger. “Here is someone who specializes in highly risky late-term abortions, who has obviously slow physical reactions and mental processes. He really should be evaluated for competency before he touches another abortion patient. I genuinely fear for the safety women who enter his abortion clinic.”
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