Nurse practitioner still faces charges
UPDATE: Operation Rescue investigators have learned that while abortionist Deborah Levich is no longer doing abortions in her private practice, she is indeed killing babies two days per month at the Summit abortion mill in Atlanta, Georgia. We call on the State of Georgia to investigate Levich. If she was engaged in “egregious” behavior in Alabama, then it seems likely that she is doing similar things in Georgia.

Birmingham, AL — Abortionist Deborah Levich allowed her Alabama medical license to lapse last week, putting her out of reach of disciplinary action in the State of Alabama.
While no formal charges were ever filed against Levich, she was the abortionist at Birmingham’s Summit Medical Center when it was permanently closed by the state last June after it was discovered that abortions were taking place without a doctor present, and other “egregious lapses in care.” Her license had been temporarily suspended amid allegations that she aborted late-term babies without checking for viability in violation of Alabama law, and falsifying medical records.
Levich is currently still licensed in Georgia where she continues to work for the “Metamorphosis Medical Group” in Roswell. Her website indicates that she no longer supplies “obstetrical” services. Levich appears to have stopped doing abortions.
Levich’s Alabama associate, nurse practitioner Janet King, was charged with three counts of having done illegal abortions at the Summit abortion clinic. King allegedly was involved in a botched RU486 abortion on a nearly full term baby. She is still licensed in Alabama and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on February 12 where she is expected to enter a “not guilty” plea.
“This is a good news, bad news situation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We are thankful that it looks like Levich is out of the abortion business at this time, but we are disappointed that she has managed to avoid accountability for her shoddy child-killing work in Alabama.”
“We issue a warning to the women of Georgia to beware of Levich, whether she is doing abortions now or not. Her avoidance of taking responsibility for her actions indicates an unrepentant attitude. It takes a lot for a state to close an abortion mill, and I would still be concerned about the quality of care one would receive from her,” said Newman. “We pray that Levich will soon come to Christ in true repentance and surrender.”