Bloggers buzzing about new admission and of one news station’s fair coverage of accusations Hodari forced abortions

Flint, MI – An investigative news story aired by a Michigan news station has exposed abortionist Alberto Hodari for allegedly committing criminal acts related to a forced abortion and showed him admitting again that he lies to patients, “especially women,” and explores his checkered past that includes abortion deaths.
A series of three video reports aired on NBC 25 in Michigan May 24-26, 2010, and have created a buzz on the Internet. Pro-life bloggers have posted the videos with comments pointing out Hodari’s admission that he believes women must be lied to, and the fact that he is conveniently out of the country in Italy as he faces a civil suit and investigations by both law enforcement and Health Department officials.

The news report highlighted the story of Caitlin Bruce, who has filed a suit against Hodari having her held down while he forced an abortion on her after she had withdrawn her consent. She says that seeing an ultrasound image of her baby caused her to change her mind just before the abortion began. Operation Rescue filed a complaint with the Michigan Department of Community Health over the incident.
Blogger Jill Stanek included with her blog an e-mail she received on May 24 from another woman who says Hodari also forced an abortion on her after she withdrew her consent, a story very similar to that told by Bruce. “It was the worst, most traumatic experience I have ever been through,” the woman told Stanek.
“We believe he has a pattern of forcing abortions on women that dates back over 20 years,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “He is a dangerous, evil man that needs to be put in jail for the things he has done. We pray this exposure helps to speed that day.”

In 2009, Operation Rescue published the story of yet another woman, Jennifer McCoy, who suffered a forced abortion at Hodari’s hands in 1988 when she was only 16. Jennifer had wanted to keep her baby, and was taken to the clinic by her 40-year old boyfriend under the pretense of receiving a routine obstetrical examination. McCoy attempted to have Hodari charged at the time, but saw the case dismissed when he produced consent documents he says were signed by McCoy’s mother, even though her mother was never at the abortion clinic.
The third video report focused on Hodari’s checkered past that includes over a dozen lawsuits. The report showed documents related to the abortion death of Regina Johnson for which Hodari was only fined $10,000.
“We are grateful that the mainstream media is beginning to give fair and proper coverage to the many abortion nightmare stories that have recently surfaced,” said Newman. “We pray that the truth about the gross negligence that permeates the abortion industry will work to cause Americans to reject abortion in practice and as a matter of law.”