Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue is pleased to announce that over 5,000 documents have now been uploaded to AbortionDocs.org, a reference website that lists every abortion clinic and every known abortionist in the U.S. for the purpose of documenting abuses committed by the Abortion Cartel.
Seeing the need to assemble raw documents related to abortion businesses in one searchable database, Operation Rescue launched AbortionDocs.org in January 2012. Since then AbortionDocs.org has been a “go-to” resource that has become the nation’s largest online depository of public records related to abortion.
“AbortionDocs.org has already proved to be a valuable resource for the pro-life movement. It has been used by lawmakers to buttress new legislation and attorneys who are seeking documentation to support legal action, as well as pro-life activists who seek to understand their local abortion business better,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The vast number of documents that are now publicly available in an easy-to-search format has been a time saver for those doing research on abortion clinics.”

maintains the most up-to-date listing of abortion clinics available. The site is updated daily with new document uploads and facility status changes as needed.
An example of documents that can be found on the web site include license histories, health inspection deficiency reports, medical board disciplinary action, 911 records, autopsy reports, malpractice suits, criminal court records, depositions, videos, links to news articles, and more.
New features recently added to AbortionDocs.org include:

• A “Worst Offenders” category that lists abortionists with exceptionally troubled histories.
• A listing of recently closed abortion facilities, with the approximate dates of their closures.
• A listing of abortionists who are not currently active or have quit the abortion business.

“We are continuously seeking documents to add to the database, including photographs, videos, audio recordings, court records, board actions and anything else that can help shed light on what is really going on inside the Abortion Cartel,” said Newman. “By exposing the truth through source documents about how common abortion abuses really are, we can make great strides toward ending abortion once and for all in our country.”
Newman invites anyone with documentation related to abortion to send it to AbortionDocs.org at AbortionDocs1@gmail.com.