By Cheryl Sullenger
Chicago, IL – Operation Rescue has learned that an ambulance arrived at Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Chicago, Illinois, on April 30, 2016, and transported an obviously injured abortion patient to a local hospital.
But when Operation Rescue received the 911 records related to this emergency through a public records request, it was discovered that no 911 call was placed to summon emergency medical help for the suffering patient.
Ambulance-Patient-05012016-2FPA opted instead to delay patient’s emergency care by calling private ambulance service for assistance instead of 911, which is the quickest way to get emergency help.
However, documents responsive to the public records request did show that an abortion worker placed an emergency call to report a non-existent altercation between one of the pro-life activists and a clinic escort as a form of harassing the pro-lifers who were attempting to offer help to women and document the medical emergency.
After the patient was loaded into the ambulance and rushed away, police arrived in response to the bogus call. Police informed the pro-life activists that they had committed no violations.
“The tactic of calling 911 on the peaceful pro-lifers is meant to deflect attention away from the fact that an abortion patient was just sent to the hospital. They know when police arrive, it will be harder for pro-lifers to document the emergency because they will be tied up dealing with the police,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.
More and more, abortion facilities attempting to conceal the fact that they have injured abortion patients by avoiding 911.
“This way, there is no public record of the incident,” said Newman. “Without documentation, the Abortion Cartel can get away with saying abortion is safe, when incidents like this prove it is not.”
There is no reliable reporting of abortion complications, either nationally or by state, so there is no way to determine how many women are actually hurt or killed by abortion.
“The incidents documented by pro-life activists in front of abortion facilities are important to understanding the extent of patient care issues that currently exist,” said Newman. “But even so, through our research, we understand that we are only seeing a small fraction of the serious abortion complications that are inflicted on women every day. Conditions and practices at American abortion facilities are much worse than most people think.”
Operation Rescue archives documentation of known abortion-related emergencies or other complications by facility at