Operation Rescue Takes “Justice Tour” of Abortion Workers Neighborhoods

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue led a group of pro-life activists on the “Prayer for Justice” tour of abortion worker’s neighborhoods on the eve of the 33rd Roe v. Wade. The group, joined by the Truth Truck, visited the homes of four employees of the notorious late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.
At each location, the rescuers prayed, sang hymns, and read Bible verses while holding signs emblazoned with an image of the Supreme Court with the words “Stop Abortion Now!”
First stop was the neighborhood of abortion nurse Stacey “I’m Making a Killing” Pack. She once told rescuers that she received a bounty of Tiller’s “blood money” (her words) for every pro-life flyer she turned in. “I’m making a killing,” Pack had said of her work.
Next on the tour was the home of abortion worker Edna Roach. Roach has been photographed with botched abortion victims who have been transported to the hospital. As rescuers prayed and sang hymns, Roach’s adult son left the home. Rescuers called to him, asking him to help his mother get out of the killing business. At one point he backed up the street toward the rescuers, but eventually drove on.
Rescuers moved on to the nearby neighborhood of Sara Phares-Brown. One pro-life family who lives across the street from Brown came out and joined the rescuers in praying for the repentance and salvation of their neighbor.

Brown was seen turning down her street toward her home, but turned around and left when she noticed the Truth Truck and rescuers in front of her house. She returned about ten minutes later with four Wichita Police squad cars. She laughed and joked with the officers for several minutes before finally entering her home.
“She’s such a drama queen,” said OR missionary Brenna Sullenger. “You can tell she is not concerned about us because of the way she laughs and acts for our cameras. She just likes creating a scene where she plays the starring role.”
After final prayers for Sara’s repentance, the rescuers moved on to their final stop on the tour, the home of Tiller receptionist Marguerite Reed, who is best known as the worker who placed the 911 call as Christin Gilbert lay dying inside the abortion mill, then evaded the dispatcher’s questions that could have speeded help to Christin earlier.
Reed returned home with her daughter while rescuers prayed for her repentance and for her truthful testimony should she be called to testify before the Grand Jury, which could be convened to investigate Tiller for Christin’s death.
“We thank God for granting us favor and allowing us to reach out to these women and offer give them another opportunity to repent,” said Cheryl Sullenger, OR event coordinator. “We have seen almost a dozen workers quit Tiller’s abortion mill in the past couple of years and we pray these four women will join their ranks as former abortion clinic workers soon.”
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