Olathe, KS – A Kansas grand jury investigating Planned Parenthood has subpoenaed sixteen medical records from 2003, but Planned Parenthood says it will not turn them over.
Planned Parenthood filed a motion to quash the subpoena, citing that “private” information in the records that the grand jury is seeking was denied to former Attorney General Phill Kline by the Kansas Supreme Court during his investigation of the Overland Park abortion clinic. Kline is now the District Attorney of Johnson County, where the grand jury is seated.
A special prosecutor, not Kline, is directing the grand jury.
“The abortion cartel’s privacy mantra is wearing thin. This effort to quash the subpoena is obviously about concealing incriminating information from a grand jury and nothing more. It seems like these people will stop at nothing to keep the truth about their seedy business a secret,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who was part of a coalition of groups that spearheaded efforts to convene the Johnson County grand jury.
Judge Richard Anderson testified in court earlier this month that he received abortion records from Planned Parenthood that had been falsified. He said a police handwriting expert confirmed his suspicions that the records had been altered.
A hearing on Planned Parenthood’s motion is scheduled to be heard by Judge Kevin Moriarty on February 15.
News of the Planned Parenthood subpoenas came on the same day that a judge in Sedgwick County denied similar motions by attorneys for George R. Tiller, who has been ordered to hand over 2,000 abortion records to a grand jury there. Tiller’s attorneys have promised to appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court.
“Let’s be clear. The abortion mills are fighting to hide information from the grand juries not to protect their patients, but to keep themselves out of jail, by hook or by crook,” said Newman. “Let’s let the grand juries conduct their investigations without impediment and let justice be done.”