Rowdy crowd bloodies “Roachy” while State Troopers confiscate hand-outs

Hutchinson, KS — Two anonymous abortion protesters dressed in giant roach costumes bounced and cheered throughout an hour long gubernatorial debate between incumbent abortion supporter Kathleen Sebelius and her Republican challenger, Sen. Jim Barnett that was held before over 2,000 people at the Kansas State Fair on Saturday.
The two, who would only identify themselves as “Roachy,” wore signs indicating they were Sebelius’ campaign mascots and performed satirical antics before an uncomfortable crowd that grew increasingly hostile as the day progressed. The back of their costumes referred to the web site
The cockroaches were a reference to an abortion clinic recently bought and closed by Operation Rescue where roach-infested, unsanitary conditions were discovered. Gov. Sebelius has taken large amounts of campaign money from abortionists such as George Tiller, and has repeatedly blocked minimum standards and inspections of abortion facilities.
As Sebelius was introduced, the pair ran up to the stage and bowed down in front of her in mock adoration. When pro-life candidate Sen. Barnett was introduced, the cockroaches rolled over on their backs and waved their legs, simulating a roach’s final moments. Throughout the debate, they danced, cheered, and loudly called for the candidates to discuss abortion. Neither candidate did.

State Troopers confiscated cards that were being handed out by the costumed protesters that explained Sebelius’ abortion support.
“I don’t think these people have much of a sense of humor,” said Roachy, who was attacked by a Sebelius supporter who tried to tear off his mask, but ended up driving a paper clip into his head. A police report was taken and a decision will be made sometime next week on whether charges will be filed against Roachy’s attacker.
“Their humorous satire of Sebelius’ abortion support was a great way to get the message out to the public in a manner that was a little unexpected,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “If Roachy and his twin brother had not been at the debate, the abortion issue would never have come up.”
Instead, the abortion topic appeared in several Kansas newspapers along with pointed remarks about the candidates’ refusal to deal with the issue.
“Horrific filthy and unsafe conditions do exist, not only in Kansas but in abortion mills across the nation. These conditions reflect the industry’s gross disregard for human life and dignity. Spotlighting this with satire helps the public consider things in a different light, and tears the phony mask of respectability off a sleazy, predatory industry that profits from innocent blood and human misery,” said Sullenger. “We applaud the roach protester’s creativity.”
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